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britain and the united kingdom money saving Savvy England was created to help members of the UK public make informed financial decisions. We’re an unbiased and informative money saving team.

From bank accounts, loans and credit cards to car insurance, home insurance and more! There’s lots of information to consider, as well as lots of different providers to choose from. Sometimes it can feel like an uphill struggle, even for the best of us.

This is why our expert money saving team are constantly updating this website with the latest deals, discounts and special offers from UK companies and retailers. We have sections dedicated to comparing quotes and saving money, which should make your life easier.

Editorial Values

  • Savvy England is independent, impartial and truthful.

  • We will strive to be honest in all things we report.

  • We shall operate to always highlight applicable benefits for members of the UK public and we’ll be open about what we don't know and avoid unfounded speculation.

  • We are dedicated to achieving impartiality and to avoid meaningfully and materially misleading our audiences.

  • We will shall be fair-minded and unbiased when examining evidence, news stories, deals and content.

  • The ‘Editor-in-Chief’, also simply known as ‘editor’ shall control all editorial decisions made in relation to and its overall editorial strategy.

  • Any personal data about individual users obtained while using SavvyEngland shall not be sold to third parties.

Meet the Team

Phillip Gray
(Founder and Editor)

Joanne Carbert

I’m a writer and product enthusiast. I love everything to do with consumer affairs. My passion revolves around delving into products, and finding the pros and cons of each item. So customers can make an informed purchasing decision.
Mel Richards

Hello, I'm Mel, I originally started my professional career in the Chemical Industry, however I decided to change my profession during the economic recession of 2007-2014. Since then I've done various odd jobs but have now found a passion for writing.

Original Publication: 01 May 2017
Last Updated: 10 May 2018