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Professional Marketing Expert with extensive experience within traditional and digital marketing, business and e-commerce. Also proficient with several coding languages, web development and more. Equally this is re-enforced through over ten years of experience plus a UK university degree - educational accomplishments include being awarded prestigious accolades such as Best Dissertation Award and Citation Awards.
5 i’s Marketing Model

Forrester – 5 i’s Marketing Model

Forrester is an established market research company concentrating on business applications of digital technology and media and over the years, the team from Forrester...
Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Unfortunately, people can easily make mistakes with digital marketing, for some they quickly realise their error and set about in changing their ways, however...
5 C’s of Marketing

5 C’s of Marketing – What are they?

The five C’s of marketing have been used and considered by business owners and marketers for decades, they generally involve five key...
Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces – Marketing Model

Porter’s Five Forces was originally created by Michael Porter, a Harvard Business School professor in 1979. Today it has become a powerful tool to...
Ansoff's Matrix

Ansoff’s Matrix – Marketing Theory Model

Ansoff's Matrix is a marketing model that helps a business to plan and determine its product and market growth strategy. This suggests that a...
Reasons Why People Give Up

Reasons Why People Give Up

Even though the internet has bombarded with successful people from every angle, it’s quite common for people to give up on their hopes...
What NOT to Say to Customers

What NOT to Say to Customers

Sometimes customers can test the patience of the best of us, it’s important to remember that customers are obviously essential for your business to...
Improve your Tradeshow

Easy Things to Improve your Tradeshow

Tradeshows and exhibitions can be a stressful time for many businesses, after all you’re putting your company and products on display to the wider...

Pneumococcal Vaccine – UK Guide, Side Effects & More

The Pneumococcal Vaccine can also be known as the ‘pneumo jab’. It’s an important vaccination to have, it protects the body against...
Twitter 30 Day Marketing Challenge

Twitter 30 Day Marketing Challenge

Sometimes coming up with new ideas on a daily basis can be difficult at the best of times, after all for most companies...