Battle of Britain Books – Top 10 List… read the heroic accounts from the RAF Spitfire and Hurricane pilots

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Are you searching for Battle of Britain Books? Ideal if you want to purchase a book for yourself, a family member, loved one, friend and so on. The Battle of Britain was obviously an iconic and famous part of the second world war, you can now read more in-depth than ever before, with some amazing Battle of Britain books highlighted in this list.

Please remember the following list is in “no particular order” and all information was correct at the time of publication.

What was the Battle of Britain?

The Battle of Britain was a military campaign of WW2, in which the Royal Air Force defended the UK against large attacks by Nazi Germany’s air force, the Luftwaffe. It has been described as the first major military campaign fought entirely by air forces.

The British officially recognise the battle’s duration as being from 10 July until 31 October 1940, which overlaps the period of large-scale night attacks known as The Blitz, that lasted from 7 September 1940 to 11 May 1941. The final result of the Battle of Britain was a British victory.

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Spitfire!: The Experiences of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot

The remarkable Battle of Britain experiences of Spitfire pilot Brian Lane, DFC. Brian Lane was only 23 when he when he wrote his dramatic account of life as a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940.

Lane was an ‘ace’ with six enemy ‘kills’ to his credit and was awarded the DFC for bravery in combat. The text is honest and vibrant, and has the immediacy of a book written close the event, untouched, therefore, by the doubts and debates of later years.

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School of Aces: The RAF Training School that Won the Battle of Britain

This is the fascinating true story behind one of the key reasons that RAF Fighter Command saw such success in the Second World War and emerged victorious from the Battle of Britain – the incredible training school that transformed young men from inexperienced pilots into some of the finest airmen in the world.

From peacetime Armament Practice Camp, to fighter Operational Training Unit, to Central Gunnery School, this is the story of how, between 1926 and 1946, the RAF developed and implemented a world-beating training system. This allowed the RAF to have total faith in the men tasked with combating the Nazi threat from the air, and School of Aces tells the astonishing story of the station through a wealth of individual stories.

Spitfire!: The Full Story of a Unique Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron

As a child, Dilip Sarkar was fascinated by the haunting image of an anonymous RAF Spitfire pilot. Taken minutes after landing from a Battle of Britain combat, this was Squadron Leader Brian Lane DFC, the commander of 19 Squadron, based at Fowlmere – and author of the stirring first-hand account “Spitfire! The Experiences of a Fighter Pilot”, published under the pseudonym B.J. Ellan.

Deeply moving was the discovery that in 1942 Brian was reported missing after a futile nuisance raid over the Dutch coast. During the mid-1980s, Dilip began researching the life and times of both Brian Lane and 19 Squadron, forging close friendships with many of the unit’s surviving Battle of Britain pilots and support staff. This enabled identification of the wartime censor’s blanks regarding people and places in Brian’s book, and the publication in 1990 of Dilip’s first ever book, “Spitfire Squadron: 19 Squadron at War 1939-41”. Nearly thirty years later, sadly all of the survivors are now deceased, but Dilip’s close relationship has provided a huge archive of correspondence and interviews in addition to a unique photographic collection.

Wreck Recovery in Britain Then and Now

WRECK RECOVERY IN BRITAIN THEN AND NOW By Peter J. Moran The last 50 years have seen an incredible interest in the excavation of crashed aircraft.

Schoolboys of the war period eagerly sought and swapped souvenirs, purloined from crashes under the eyes of the police or RAF guards but, after the surface wreckage was cleared away by Maintenance Units, no one realised that even greater treasures remained underground. Whereas on the Continent the Missing Research and Enquiry Unit left no stone unturned to try to trace the thousands of airmen who still remained missing, strangely enough no similar operation was carried out by the RAF on crash sites in the United Kingdom.

Battle of Britain Manual: RAF Operations Manual 1940

Andy Saunders describes and illustrates the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how Britain – and the RAF in particular – fought back against the Luftwaffe in 1940, and won. It also shows how the Luftwaffe was organised and how it, too, rose to the challenge. How science, technology and defence infrastructure helped the RAF win the Battle of Britain in 1940. 2015 is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

In series with the Haynes Spitfire, Hurricane and Messerschmitt Bf109 Manuals, and the Haynes D-Day Operations Manual. Authoritative text by an expert author. Alongside the Haynes Spitfire, Hurricane and Messerschmitt Bf109 Manuals, this volume gives the context to their involvement in the Battle of Britain.

Life and Death in the Battle of Britain

Guy Mayfield was the Station Chaplain at RAF Duxford during the Battle of Britain. His diary is a moving account of the war fought by the young pilots during that summer of 1940, providing a unique and intimate insight into one of the most pivotal moments in British history.

Frequently speaking to pilots who knew they may not survive the next 24 hours, Mayfield s diary provides a vivid account of the fears and hopes of the young men who risked their lives daily for the defence of Britain.

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Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940

From the bestselling author of Fighter Boys and Bomber Boys, this is a magisterial chronicle of a defining episode in British history: the epic struggle of the Royal Air Force with the Luftwaffe.

Patrick Bishop’s Battle of Britain is a compelling account of Britain’s fight for national survival, from the shock defeat and evacuation from Dunkirk in May/June 1940 to fighter Command’s assertion of superiority over the Luftwaffe in mid-September. This book could be the perfect addition to your collection, with a day by day account – there’s never been a better way to experience what the conflict was really like!

The Battle of Britain: Myth and Reality

From the award-winning author of The Dictators, Richard Overy’s The Battle of Britain: Myth and Reality is the best introduction available to a defining moment in British history.

The extraordinary struggle between British and German air forces in 1940 was one of the pivotal events of the Second World War. How close did Britain really come to invasion during this time? What were Hitler and Churchill’s motives? And what was the battle’s real effect on the outcome of the war?

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Battle of Britain (My Story)

It’s 1939 and Harry Woods is a Spitfire pilot in the RAF. When his friend Lenny loses his leg in a dogfight with the Luftwaffe, Harry is determined to fight on. That is, until his plane is hit and he finds himself tumbling through the air high above the English Channel…

This book was written by Chris Priestley who was worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for twenty years before becoming a writer. His books have been nominated for many awards including the Edgar Awards, the UKLA Children’s Book Award and the Carnegie Medal.

Hurricane Squadron Ace

Air Commodore Peter Malam ‘Pete’ Brothers CBE, DSO, DFC, and Bar (1917-2008) was one of the most heroic and highly praised pilots of the Second World War. Decorated extensively, he secured a total of 16 ‘kills’ over the course of the conflict, with 10 of these occurring during the Battle of Britain.

Pivotal moments in his career include the time, in August 1940, when his flight encountered around a hundred enemy aircraft, including Messerschmitt 110’s; he led the flight in attack against them, and soon found himself in a stalled position, out of which he spun, only to be confronted by a Dornier 215, which he shot down, before later destroying a Messerschmitt 109.

303 Squadron: The Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron

303 Squadron is the thrilling story of the celebrated squadron of Polish fighter pilots whose superb skill in the air helped save Britain during its most desperate hours.

Downing three times the average RAF score while incurring only one-third the average casualties over the course of the Battle of Britain, the dashing and gallant 303 Squadron was lionised by the British press, congratulated by the King, and adored by the British public. With an immediacy that vividly brings to life those harrowing days, Fiedler paints the bravery, the poignancy, the breathtaking gambles with death risked daily by this exceptional group of young men far from home, who fought to preserve freedom for all.

Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain

Fighter’ is Len Deighton’s thrilling history of the ensuing Battle of Britain – the aerial combat between the RAF and the Luftwaffe that was fought over the summer of 1940.

Ex-RAF pilot Deighton has written a balanced study of strategies and tactics that also expertly recounts the development of the aeroplanes that fought each other in the skies – the Spitfires and Messerschmitts – and of radar.

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Commando: Battle of Britain

Stories like “Ace Without Honour”, “Island of Heroes” and “Brigand Squadron” as well as “Blind Courage”, “Fly Fast-Shoot Fast” or “Spitfire Spirit” bring the atmosphere of the battle spinning into the 21st century.

Presented 25 per cent larger than when originally published, this special edition drops you out of the sun into the midst of the dog fights, the howl of the Merlin engine on full boost almost drowning out the roar of the Brownings thundering away in the wings either side of your cockpit. Whether you are a novice ‘sprog’ comic book pilot or a seasoned veteran, the fantastic aero art created by the Commando artists and the compelling stories will leave you gasping for the next ‘Scramble’!

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