Best Gun Safe UK ✓ Top 10 List in 2020…. Rifle Cabinets, Shotgun Storage & More!

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Are you wanting to buy a UK Gun Safe, but unsure what type to get and where to buy one from? It goes without saying if you own a firearm in England, you need a Gun Safe for security and protection.

Remember gun safes are normally used to prevent access to unauthorized or unqualified persons, such as in an event of a burglary. They can also be used to protect the contents from damage during a flood or fire. Please remember that the following list of products is in ‘no particular order’, equally any item highlighted on this webpage is purely an ‘opinion’. 

Gun Cabinets for Farmers, Shooting Clubs, Etc

Buying a Gun Safe is obviously an important responsibility any firearm owner needs to take. According to the Home Office “Under the Firearms Rules 1998, a prescribed safekeeping condition is attached to all firearm and shotgun certificates. It is an offence not to comply with these conditions. The maximum penalty for this offence can be up to 6 months in prison, or a fine, or both.”

Equally according to the Met Police when applying for a Firearm certificate: “Please allow the police to inspect your guns and security when requested as in the absence of a warrant, consent is required for the police to inspect premises.” As you can see, the safety of your firearm is extremely important in this country – that means a storage cabinet is certainly something you’ll need to invest in.

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Do you need a gun cabinet for three weapons? This could be a hunting rifle, shotgun and so on. Built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security, this item has two 7 lever locks fitted, with 2 keys for each lock supplied.

There’s also a great Anti crowbar door system and 4 pre drilled holes in the back and base for securing into wall or floor. Inside there’s fixing bolts included and a foam gun divider. Internal height 128cms (129cms without foam base) suitable gun length approximately 125cm (or 126cm). Click on the link below now for further details and ordering information.

3 Gun Cabinet for Shotguns and Rifles With Unique Triple Blade Lock® With Lockable Internal Security Ammunition Box

The Ultimate Safe gun safe steel cabinet is the ultimate deterrent and offers the Ultimate protection for up to 3 shotguns or rifles. This gun safe steel cabinet has a lockable internal ammunition security box – storing your ammunition separately adds an additional layer of security.

It has also been equipped and manufactured with a unique Triple Blade Lock mechanism. The most important part of any gun safe cabinet is the lock. This Ultimate Safe gun cabinet is built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security, police approved. Finished in a durable high-quality semi-gloss black powder coat finish.

Ultimate Safe Extra Wide and Deep 7 Gun Cabinet

POLICE APPROVED – This Ultimate Safe Extra Wide and Deep 7 Gun Cabinet for Shotguns and Rifles With Unique Triple Blade Lock has been built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security. It’s an extra wide and extra deep item, suitable for up to 7 shotguns or rifles with scopes (check dimensions of gun cabinet for suitability).

It has also been fitted with two unique Triple Blade Locks which have been designed and created by Ultimate Safe. You should also notice the anti-crowbar door system offers great protection for your firearms – the cabinet door has been tested to withstand attempts to be broken into using crowbars or chisels. Please click on the link below for further information and ordering details.


Looking for an Ammunition Safe? This product has been built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security. It has a silver etching design on front door and a 7 lever locks fitted with 2 keys supplied as standard.

Equally there’s also four pre drilled holes in the back and base for securing into wall or floor, fixing bolts. This product event has a nice felt base lining and is suitable for large quantity of ammunition. To get the latest pricing details and stock availability, please click on the link below. You can also order this item now for quick home delivery.

GDK 4 gun cabinet, deep for 2-4 scoped rifles

Do you need a 4 Gun Cabinet, this item has been designed for four weapons with an extra deep for scoped rifles. Available to order now and delivery to UK mainland only, this product has the following dimensions of H-1300mm x W-270mm x D-270mm.

In addition this item has an anti crowbar door system, with two 7 lever key locks and has been constructed to bs7558/92 standards. Please click on the link below for further information and ordering details.

WestWood Luxury 3 Gun Security Lockable Safe Cabinet Storage

This item is a high quality heavy duty design, it’s a large 3 gun cabinet model and has been produced from top quality full-ferrous materials. For your own peace of mind it has been built for the highest levels of security and has a solid stainless steel bolt with anti-crowbar door system.

You could easily use this gun cabinet to safely store up to three guns, this could be a shotgun, scoped gun, rifle and so on. For further information or to order – please click on the link below.

Pistol Gun Safe – Are you looking to safely store a pistol, handgun or small firearm – if so this item could be the one for you. Safe boxes such as this are created with durable Q235 carbon steel which has sufficient intensity, finished with a 100um thick layer of phosphate anti-rust coating and static spray for anti-scratch and anti-corrosion.

This item also features a strong motorized deadbolt locking system to resist attack from hand or power tools. Equally this product features an Alarm-U, which is a tamper and motion sensitive alarm that deters theft and keeps your belongings safe.

SPIKA Small Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

If you’re looking for something a little different, then the Spika Gun Safe Door Organizer could be an item you should consider. This product is universal and will fit most gun safe brands providing the measurements are within the size range. It is Adjustable and easy to install.

The Spika Safe Door Panel Organizer has 3 handgun holsters, 2 medium zipper pockets, holds an additional 2 guns. Using a door panel organizer in you safe will free up so much space for you.

WestWood 6 Gun Security Lockable Safe Cabinet Storage Scoped Shotgun Rifle Firearm

6 Gun Storage – This product has been designed to feature a high quality heavy duty latest design, which could be ideal for 6 guns. It has a top quality full-ferrous materials construction and built for the highest levels of security. Did you know the cabinet door parts use reinforcement technology; which effectively enhance the product’s anti-throwing, anti-destruction capability. In addition it uses solid stainless steel bolts and an anti-crowbar door system.

However that’s not all, there’s also two top level locks fitted with two keys for each lock supplied as standard. Inside there’s a foam gun divider and base to protect your weapon from any damage.

Rottner Guntronic 5 Gun Safe

Check out this nice Rottner Guntronic 5 Gun Cabinet today, this is a gun safe with single wall body of 2 mm, however it also has a nice door double wall.

The standardized inner safe can be locked separately (2 keys included as standard) and there’s locking bolts on 3 sides. Equally there’s also an electronic lock with mechanical emergency opening (2 keys included) which is great should you need to get into this product. This item is ready to be delivered to you now, so please visit the link below for ordering details.