British Quiz – How much do you know?

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Do you know the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom?

Do you know your history about the Kings and Queens, Landmarks and cultural icons? If so, this fantastic British Quiz with questions and answers could be ideal for you!

Test your knowledge and see “How British you are” with this superb quiz – remember to share it with your friends and family after you’ve finished! You may just know more about Britain than they do! Are you ready, let’s begin…

Name the four separate countries which make up the UK?
Name the seas surrounding the British Isles?
What is the ancient monument would you find on Salisbury Plain?
Name the Scottish city perched on top of an extinct volcano?
Which fictional character lives at 221B Baker Street in London?
What is the name of London's most famous bridge?
What is Queen Elizabeth II full name?
Which war did the Spitfire participate in?
Who is the most successful British music artist in history?
What is the full name for Britain?
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