Best Caravan Mattress for 2019 – Which type should you buy?

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Do you need help purchasing a new caravan mattress in January 2020? Are you searching for a replacement caravan mattress? Whatever your reason may be, this helpful guide has been created for you….. after all having a nice and comfortable sleeping surface is a must for your next adventure!

Sometimes the original mattress which was supplied with your camper, touring caravan, motorhome or static may no longer be up to the job. It may be worn, uncomfortable or simply past its best.

Before you purchase a new item, you need to figure out whether you’re looking for odd size or a made to measure shape. Simply take a look at the bed you currently have installed and go from there. Further down this page you’ll find a good list of UK caravan bed manufacturers to help you with your quest for a replacement product.

UK Caravan Mattress – What Shape is Correct for You?

In some caravans, motor homes. campers and tourers, you may notice that there’s non standard shapes and sizes, such as cut off corners mattresses, island mattress or rounded bottom end corners mattress. You generally won’t be able to purchase these types of products in a traditional bed shop in your hometown / city. There’s a wide range of companies across the country which offer special size mattresses or bed frames at a varying degree of quality and pricing.

This obviously means you need to consider each company carefully before making a final choice. Remember to ask as many questions as possible about the item you’re interested in, this can be where is the mattress made? what standards and procedures are adhered to? is the facility independently checked? and so on. Unfortunately some companies do attempt to ‘cut corners’ and produce sub-standard items to get an advantage over their competitors – remember it’s your life which could potentially be at stake.

Luckily in the UK caravan mattress manufacturers will normally be able to make nearly any shape or size you require, whether that’s a single mattress, double, rectangular mattress, a V shape or a round mattress. With lots of options available, it can sometimes be hard to know which one is right for your requirements and budget. To help you, here are some shapes which may be applicable to your situation:

Island Mattress
Top Corner Cut Off
Caravan Beds
Here’s an extensive list of companies and factories which produce bespoke caravan mattresses in the United Kingdom. Please keep in mind that the following list of companies are an ‘opinion’ and are listed in ‘no particular order’.

Originally own as Raskelf, Duvalay are a family-run business that was recently crowned ‘Bed Manufacturer of the Year 2017-18’. As featured on ‘Dragons Den’ in 2011 and part owned by Hilary Devey. They’re one of the market leaders and are based in Gomersal, West Yorkshire.

For example you may be interested in the ‘D-Lite’ model which is Duvalays next-generation, premium-quality mattress. It has been designed up to 35% lighter than more traditional caravan mattresses. It also contains FreshTec – a market-leading high-spec foam that offers a cooler, fresher night’s sleep. Known as the Swift Apollo Luxe Mattress when installed as standard in certain Swift Group vehicles, D-Lite is synonymous with luxury, comfort and quality. For more information about the Duvalay D-Lite or other products they sell please click on the link below today and visit their official website.

Custom Size Beds Kent

Based in Strood, Kent. Their website features a wide range of products including made to measure mattresses and beds for tourers, motorhomes, boats, euro size and more!

On their website you can find a great range of products which could be ideal for your needs – for example you could like their ComfiCel Cool Memory Foam Mattress cut, which can be shaped to fit the island bed frame in your touring caravan. Equally you could like other products such as their luxurious Premium Memory Foam models which have been designed to fit into the single bed in a Burstner Nexxo 660 and so on.

The Caravan Warehouse

The Caravan Warehouse’s business has been built on service to our customers and at The Caravan Warehouse they believe your problems and challenges are their problems and challenges and their duty is to find solutions to them.

Check out their superb range of Double Caravan Mattresses today, for example on their website you can order models such as 6’3 x 4’6, 6’3 x 5ft, 6ft x 4’6, 6ft x 4ft, 6 x 4`3″ and so on. There’s also a nice selection of single products too – ideal if you’re needing a replacement for a childs or guest bed.


Suitably located close to the M6, on the edge of the Lake District, where they have a showroom which welcomes visitors, so why not enjoy the beautiful lakes alongside a visit to Jonic! The team at Jonic are very proud to manufacture in the UK, ensuring outstanding quality alongside the best customer service.

Model Selector – A really nice feature on the Jonic webstore is the fact you can pick your vehicle manufacturer and model from a dropdown list – allowing you to easily find the item which matches your specifications. Such as (but not limited to) Bailey, Bessacarr, Buccaneer, Coachman, Compass, Elddis, Lunar, Sprite, Sterling and Swift. This well-thought out feature also works for motorhomes too!

Made to Measure Mattresses

Made to measure mattresses is a family run bed business of over 20 years experience, earning a reputation for supplying quality products at low prices, with first class service. Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

You may be interested in a product such as the Canterbury 1500 caravan mattress, as the name suggests this item has 1500 pocket springs with the ultimate filling combination of white fibre, lambs wool and cotton for a comfy nights sleep. It has also been hand side stitched for extra edge support, enabling the user to use every inch of the mattress area.

GB Foam Direct

GB Foam was originally founded in 1976 as an independent polyurethane foam converter, over the last 40 years the business has expanded and now provides a comprehensive range of specialist foam products to a wide variety of market sectors including bed frames and mattresses.

On their website there’s lots of different options and choice – for example their Lion Memory Foam Mattress range has been designed to help their customers sleep perfectly. As of 2019 their Cheap Single Mattress made from Memory Foam features a luxury 50kg/m3 memory foam top layer and is fused with a 36kg/m3 support layer. It also comes with a quilted, machine washable Coolmax cover – which has been designed to help regulate sleeping temperature and ensure the best night’s sleep. For more information about this item or to view other products in their range please click on the link below now.

J and A Foam Blackburn

Located in Blackburn, Lancashire. J and A Foam have been supplying high-quality foam to the upholstery and bed markets for over 40 years. As well as their trade customers, they also supply foam to the public too, including caravan mattresses, replacement sofa cushions, DIY projects and personal specifications made to measure.

With so much choice at J&A you should easily find what you’re looking for – for example take a look at the Island bed luxury memory foam mattress that combines the latest temperature insensitive foam technology, inside a totally unique fabric that’s designed for their very own mellow brand. You should notice the lovely deep quilted ‘removable’ mattress cover which has been designed to take comfort to a whole new level, however that’s not all the 3-dimensional pattern not only looks stunning, but it houses additional cooling properties to maximise airflow to the user.

Caravan Mattress Fire Safety – Don’t get caught out with sub-standard products!

It’s usually recommended to purchase fire retardant mattresses if possible; after all, a touring caravan, static, chalet, log cabin or motor home is a confined space! It’s better to be ‘safe than sorry’ should the unthinkable happen.

Most reputable companies will have fire certificates which verify their products meet standard UK fire regulations and specifications. These items will have been tested by an independent facility. If the made to measure manufacturer, retailer or company you’re buying from cannot provide these certificates, you should carefully consider your options.

If safety is one of your top priorities, you may want to visit the National Bed Federations members section . Every NBF (National Bed Federation) Approved Member Manufacturer has undergone ‘rigorous independent auditing’ to certify that they have robust procedures in place to ensure they are complying with UK regulations on safety, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions.

If you’re wanting to purchase a pocket sprung mattress, then read our fantastic Open Coil vs Pocket spring mattress comparison page today!

Remember in most cases British caravan mattresses won’t be vacuum sealed or ‘rolled up – particularly if you’ve purchased a pocket spring or open coil. Typically foam only products are rolled up, however this depends on the manufacturer. This potentially means the item could be harder to transport and get into your camper, motor home or vehicle. If you have limited space you should definitely think about how you’re going to get your old mattress out and replaced with your new one!

Caravan Bed Replacement Ordering Process – How Does it Work and what should you look out for?

The majority of UK companies will offer a streamline ordering process, some will ask for measurements using an online form, while others may have an advanced ordering system online.

You’ll normally be able to purchase an array of items including for single beds, double beds and bunk beds. Some businesses may also produce bespoke protectors as well. Don’t let glossy websites ‘tempt you’ more easily than ‘old school’ companies…… after all, these websites need more up-keep; whereby a traditional manufacturer may be able to offer more affordable pricing due to lower overheads.

Equally as every job is different, sometimes its better to contact the company directly via the telephone, so you can get an individual caravan mattress quote based on your requirements and tailored to your specifications. For more complex shapes, most companies will need some sort of a diagram or drawing, which features both the measurements and the shape you require.

After you’re happy with the quote and have paid, your made to measure mattress will normally take around a week to be made. A lot of bespoke mattress manufacturers are based in the North of England, particularly Yorkshire and Lancashire. However there are other factories dotted around the country too.

Like with most things in life, you’ll normally get the ‘best deal’ by contacting the suppliers directly (List at the end of this page). Sometimes you may find traditional bed shops acting as a ‘middle man’ in the process, this can obviously increase the price of the product, so it’s always recommended to shop around for the best quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to manufacture a Caravan Mattress in Britain?
This depends on whether you’re purchasing a ‘standard’ size product or a ‘custom size’ product. Typically standard sizes such as 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and so on – can be delivered within a few days from most companies. If you’re buying a custom shape or odd size then the timeframe could be slightly longer. All manufacturers have different timescales, so remember to ask them before purchasing.

Should I buy a replacement from the company who made my Caravan / Motorhome?
In most cases you can buy a replacement caravan mattress from the manufacturer of your tourer, static or motorhome.

However, generally they may cost ‘more’ than an independent manufacturer – if you’ve enjoyed the product which came with your ‘van and feel like you have a good nights sleep, then ordering a replacement from your manufacturer could be your best option. If you’ve found that your nights sleep has been disrupted, you may want to consider alternative manufacturers. Unfortunately it’s a very ‘personal choice’ with no right or wrong answers.

Will a manufacturer deliver to a Caravan Park?
Yes, in most cases they will. Some retailers and manufacturers may ‘charge more’ if you’re wanting delivery to certain parts of the UK (such as the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight and so on). However this varies from company to company, so it’s recommended to read all terms and conditions before purchasing.

Whats the return policy?
Unfortunately this will vary depending on what manufacturer / company you select. Generally speaking under the laws of England and Wales (correct as of October 2019) Companies have to offer a refund for certain items only if they’re faulty, such as: personalised items and custom-made items, eg curtains, perishable items, eg frozen food or flowers. However online, mail and telephone order customers have the right to cancel their order for a limited time even if the goods aren’t faulty. Sales of this kind are known as ‘distance selling’. You can find out more information by visiting Gov.UK – Accepting returns and giving refunds: the law

Please read all of the terms and conditions of the company you’re purchasing from before you buy a caravan mattress. Equally it’s also a good idea to simply ask them what their return policy is, if you can’t find any information relating to returns on their website.

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