Best Caravan Mattress for Sale – Top 10 List UK

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Are you searching for a caravan mattress, but unsure about which one is correct for your requirements? We’ve brought together some of the leading products on the market today from brands across the country.

Here you’ll find products which feature the latest technology and materials such as memory foam, reflex foam, pocket springs and more! This means you can literally now expect a similar standard of product, to a mattress you may have at home!

Why buy a Caravan Bed or Mattress?

Caravanning is obviously an extremely popular past-time across the UK, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a touring camper, motorhome or even a static. Finding the correct mattress for your needs is important – remember your caravan is your home away from home. There’s no point exploring the countryside or British landmarks if you’re waking up every morning feeling un-refreshed or aching with pain.

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Please bear in mind, always conduct your own research before purchasing, the following list is in no ‘particular order’. All information / pricing was correct at the time of publication.

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Small Single Caravan Mattress

This is a luxury extra deep SHORTY small single sized mattress, 2ft6 by 5ft9 and 10″ deep (75cm x 175cm x 25cm).

The base of this mattress is a 7″ deep layer of the firmer supportive reflex foam, topped with a 3″ layer of the softer high density visco elastic memory foam, covered with a luxury fixed Cool touch material cover. For your own peace of mind, it has also been constructed with hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant properties as standard.

This item features a classic open coil system, one of the most popular spring systems in the world, it’s also combined with a vertical style stitched border – giving this product a firm edging and a lasting profile. With its nicely pattern stitching, the Imagine is designed to deliver comfort and contentment to all those who want to feel refreshed and relaxed while sleeping.

Prices start from around £65

With its distinctive pattern stitching, the aptly named Budget is designed to deliver comfort and contentment to all those who take their bedtime enjoyment very seriously. Featuring a 13.5G Spring Unit with a stitch Bond Cover. This product also has a comfort rating of Soft and a thickness of 6-7 inches. It has been hand built in the UK and could be great for a wide range of situations – including for narrowboats, motorhomes, caravans, tourers, campervans and more!

Prices start from £50

Check out this all Foam Memory Foam/Orthopeadic (Reflex) Mattress, which has been constructed to roughly 5-6″ in thickness.

It comes with a zip cover that is washable, ideal for Bunk Beds, Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats, and also can be ideal cut to size. The mattress will be delivered rolled and vacuum packed, once opened leave the mattress 24-48 hours to expand to its size.

Prices start from Around £50

Shorty Size Mattress

Check out this awesome 2ft 6 Small Single Mattress. This comfortable basic mattress is covered with a modern hard wearing fabric. Featuring an open coil spring interior for support. Medium to soft firmness rating. Mattress can be used on both sides to keep it in pristine condition. Suitable for adults and children. Suitable for caravan, motorhomes, bunk beds and so on.

The base of this mattress has a lovely 7″ deep layer of the firmer supportive reflex foam, topped with a 3″ layer of the softer high density visco elastic memory foam. This item is manufactured in the UK

When you’re home away from home in a caravan, motorhome, chalet or a narrowboat, a Comfy mattress is a must for those long summer nights! This item features a quality reflex foam, it also has a washable zip cover and it’s rolled Packed for easy transportation. Typically reflex foam is often used for ‘orthopaedic mattresses’, and is usually a cheaper alternative to memory foam.

Prices start from around £50

Featuring memory foam, which is a unique layer of high density visco-elastic polymer gel which is heat and pressure sensitive. This product also features an underlying supportive Reflex support system is used to ensure your weight is distributed evenly. Being both hypo allergenic and dust mite resistant makes it a great choice for allergy and asthma suffers. A semi orthopaedic mattress provides support to your body to ensure you are sleeping correctly and benefit from a restful sleep.

Prices start from £70

Check out these odd size caravan and boat size mattresses, now available to purchase from eBay directly made from the manufacturer! This means you could *potentially* cut out the middle man, like a retailer and in some cases make great savings going direct! This mattress has a medium tension rating. Mattress is delivered opened – not vacuum packed. All mattresses are made in a Yorkshire bed facility which is a member of the national bed federation.

Prices start from £90

Imagine Divan set which includes mattress and base. There’s also a headboard and Storage Option. This product features a soft spring system, one of the most popular springing system in the world, combined with a vertical style stitched border give this mattress a firm edging and a lasting profile. With its distinctive pattern stitching, the aptly named Imagine is designed to deliver comfort and contentment to all those who take their bedtime enjoyment very seriously.

Prices start from £170

Reflex Foam Rolled Mattress

This Visco Therapy Budget Reflex Foam Mattress has been designed to offer great support using reflex foam – which provides superb orthopaedic support, helping to maintain the correct alignment of the spine and neck for a healthier and comfortable night sleep.

No springs are used with this product, meaning its intended for a silent night sleep and also to provide firm orthopaedic support to the body. As with all Visco Therapy mattresses, this product has been designed and manufactured in the UK to provide high quality.

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