Best Caravan Microwaves 2019 – Top 10 List …. Which one should you purchase in the UK?

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Are you wanting to purchase a new Caravan Microwave in November 2019? You may be searching for a motorhome microwave, for a camper or static – whatever it is we’ve brought together some of the Best Caravan Microwaves in the UK.

Of course travelling up and down the country – or even to locations in Europe can be exciting at the best of times. You’ll obviously need to feel refreshed with a nice cooked meal… on those days you might not be visiting a local restaurant or eating establishment. This is where a Caravan Microwave is your new best friend! Please keep in mind that the following list of products are an ‘opinion’ and are listed in ‘no particular order’.

Which Caravan Microwave 2019 is the Best?

As you can imagine this is quite a ‘personal’ question…. as we all have different budgets and requirements. Some of us want a quick and easy device which is as simple as possible to use; while others want a product which has every feature under the sun. On this page you’ll find a good selection of models available to buy right now, we’ve attempted to highlight items which feature at affordable, mid-range and luxury price points – in the hope to accommodate many peoples preferences.

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Daewoo QT1R Compact Manual Control Microwave Oven

You can now cook meals quickly and efficiently in your motorhome or caravan with this 14 Litre manual control microwave from Daewoo. Its compact size makes it a great space-saver.

There is a choice of 7 Power Levels so you can heat up a soups and ready meals in a matter of minutes. The dual speed 35 minute timer allows for exact cooking times, while the defrost function lets you cook meals straight from the freezer without any hassle. Mealtimes have never been easier. For more info, please click on the link below now.

As a company the name Daewoo literally translates to “Great Woo”, after the first name of founder and chairman Kim Woo-jung. The business was originally founded on 22th March 1967 as Daewoo Industrial, today Daewoo Electronics has grown into a global business with more than 64 production sites, research and development and sales centres in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Hotpoint MWH 1331 B Curve Solo Microwave

The Hotpoint Curve microwave with touch control could be the ideal device for your requirements. It’s small on the outside but big on the inside and has been designed to be the perfect solution for smaller spaces, taking up less space on the worktop without losing space inside.

The corner-fitting microwave has a curved back designed around the large 28cm turntable, which fits a standard sized dinner plate. With 5 power levels and multi-wave technology this compact microwave may be great for those looking for a powerful yet space saving microwave.

Did you know, Hotpoint is an American and European brand of domestic appliances. As of 2019 ownership of the brand is split between the American company Whirlpool, which has European rights, and Chinese company Haier, which has North American rights. Interestingly as a business, Hotpoint was founded in 1911. The name of the company comes from the ‘hot point’ of the revolutionary first electric iron of 1905, invented by the American Earl Richardson.

VYTRONIX VY-HMO800 Digital Microwave

With its cool and modern design and simple to use controls, the VY-HMO800 could be ideal for almost any camper, motorhome or boat. It has a nice ‘Auto Defrost’ feature which allows defrosting of meat, poultry, and seafood. The defrosting time and power level are adjusted automatically once the weight is programmed, the microwave will even pause and beep to remind you when to turn the food over.

Equally you can also set up to three cooking stages as part of one cycle with the multi stage cooking function. This means you can start off with a speed defrost which will then switch accordingly to the microwave cooking function at the appropriate time to ensure your food comes out perfectly cooked. There’s also an ‘Auto Cook’ option too, simply select from the menu: milk/coffee, rice, spaghetti, potatoes, fish, pizza or popcorn, enter the weight and let the microwave do the rest for you by selecting the power and time settings to give perfect results every time.

Toshiba Microwave Oven 20 Litre

This Toshiba Microwave features a nice and stylish design that could fit all caravan kitchen styles with ease. There’s two simple control knobs which provide quick and convenient cooking solutions. Equally this device also has adjustable power levels & time: 800w with 5 power setting and up to 35min timer that allows you to defrost, reheat or cook all kinds of food just like using a Gas burner.

It has also been designed with low-noise operation – that means its 55dB quiet operation could protect you from noise disturbance and allow your family members to have a good sleep when you are preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner! As one of the worlds leading electronic companies, the Toshiba Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its products and services include information technology and communications equipment and systems, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, consumer electronics, home appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, as well as lighting and logistics. For the latest product availability and delivery details to your region, please click on the link below to find out more!

Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705C 17L Retro Manual 700w Solo Microwave Cream

The Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705 has been designed with style and practicality in mind. This attractive appliance is simple and easy to use with its 700 watts of microwave power, providing you quick and convenient cooking in your camper.

With two simple control dials, you simply set your desired power level and time, and the microwave cooks your food to perfection. It has been designed to fit a 10.5 inches round plate. Did you know? Russell Hobbs was originally formed in 1952 by William Russell and Peter Hobbs. By the 1960s it became the primary kettle maker in the United Kingdom marketplace – these days it produces many home appliances and its head office is currently sited in Failsworth, in the Greater Manchester region. To learn more about this amazing Russell Hobbs Microwave, please view the link below to visit the product page for latest stock availability and delivery information to your town / city.

Swan SM22036GRYN Nordic Digital Microwave

If you’re looking for something different this device could be the one for you. It features a lovely nordic design with digital controls and soft touch wood effect door handle and microwave control. There’s also Six Power Levels to choose from, up to 800W with a MAFF E rating, ensuring your food is cooked just the way you like it, warmed through and ready to go.

Equally it has a 20 Litre Capacity – which is designed to give you plenty of room for your microwaving using the 270mm glass turntable, all with the added benefit of a 30 minute timer. Defrost Function is simple yet functional and allows you to cook ingredients directly from the freezer for maximum convenience and cooking efficiency. It doesn’t get much better than that does it? If this type of item interests you, please visit the product page below to order today.

Daewoo KOR9LBKCR Touch Control Microwave with Zero Standby ECO Function

This microwave has 800 W power output and delivers quick and efficient cooking results. It also has a 20 litre capacity which is ideal for small households and could be great for your motor home or camper!

Equally this model also features a zero standby function to save energy when it’s not in use and has 10 power levels – which offers temperatures to suit a variety of foods, including a defrost function. You can even select from four ‘auto cook menus’ which is designed to allow you to quickly heat vegetables, rice, pasta and pizza.

Russell Hobbs RHMM701B 17L Manual 700w Solo Microwave in Black

The RHMM701 could be a great microwave for your vehicle, excellent for cooking a variety of meals in minutes. The modern design means you have flexibility in choosing the perfect spot to show off your new appliance.

The internal microwave light lets you know that cooking is in progress.When the cooking cycle has finished the microwave has a handy ringer function that will sound to alert you. With the RHMM701 you can tailor cooking to suit your recipe using the 5 power levels available for selection. For added functionality, there’s also an essential defrost setting, saving you time so that you can cook meals straight from the freezer.

Beko MOC20200M Solo Retro Microwave 20L 800W

Take your camper or caravans style to the next level with this awesome retro inspired microwave – it has been designed to have a bit more character than most and this one is packed with features to help you save time while cooking!

From a quick start button, to a defrost function and 5 power levels, preparing your food is quick and easy.

The cooking options available to you are endless. From cooking mince meat for your bolognese, to melting chocolate for your ice cream sundae, there’s a microwave power level for each of your cooking needs, if this sounds like the item for you, please click on the link below to view the product page today.

As a company Beko is a Turkish domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand, it was founded in 1969. The company’s name is a combination of the first two letters of the founders’ surnames. At the time of publication Beko is an official partner of the Spanish football club FC Barcelona since 2014 and Turkish football club Besiktas.

Sharp YC-MS01U-S 20L 800W Freestanding Microwave Oven

With a contemporary handleless design, this model has a lovely sleek Silver finish complimented by a black door window and control panel. You should also be impressed with the 20 Litre cavity which can easily hold a standard sized dinner plate and has a 255mm Removable glass turntable which is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

However that’s not all, this 800W microwave has been manufactured with 5 power levels for a wide range of cooking requirements. Defrost functionality lets you select the weight and will adjust the time accordingly. There’s also a 35 minute (up to) adjustable timer to ensure your food is cooked perfectly and the flat contours of the device have been designed to be easily wiped clean.

As a company Sharp have been producing high-quality products for decades, however the business is over 100 years old! In 1912, Tokuji Hayakawa founded a metal workshop in Tokyo. The first of his many inventions was a snap buckle named ‘Tokubijo’. By 1915 he created the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil from which the Sharp Corporation got its name. Today the company employs more than 50,000 people worldwide and creates many different products such as Televisions, audio visual items, home appliances, information equipment, ICs, solar cells, mobile phones, fax machines, electronic components and more!

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