Caravan Toilet Chemicals – Top 10 UK …. Which one should you buy?

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Are you wondering what type of Caravan Toilet Chemicals you need to purchase? You could be needing something right now in January 2020 or planning ahead for your next trip!

Of course Caravan and Motorhome Toilet Chemicals are extremely important for not only the general smell in your vehicle, but also your health while away from home! Please keep in mind that the following list of products are an ‘opinion’ and are listed in ‘no particular order’. In addition all information was correct at the time of publication.

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Thetford Aqua Kem Toilet Fluid and Rinse Duo Pack

This 1.5 liter duo pack contains the two most popular Thetford toilet chemicals; Aqua Kem Blue and the Aqua Rinse Plus which could be ideal for your needs and budget.

The Aqua Kem Blue is a powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank which offers the best performance for your cassette and portable toilet. The Aqua Rinse Plus combines performance with freshness and enables a more effective flush whilst keeping the flush water clean. The effective formulation provides a protective layer to block build up and bacteria. To find out latest stock availability and delivery info to your region, visit the link below.

Organic Toilet Fluid for Motorhomes

The Elsan ORG02 Organic Toilet Fluid for Motorhomes has been designed to dissolve waste and remove odours naturally and has delightful mild fragrance, equally it can be used in both flush and waste tanks.

This item is biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals, it also encourages the biological decomposition of waste. The formula has been developed with brand new biological technology which works in a completely different way to conventional toilet fluids. Please click on the link below for further information and ordering details.

One Chem Probiotic Concentrated Cassette Toilet Fluid 1 Litre

This product has been manufactured with great features and convenience. The standard One Chem Probiotic Concentrated Cassette Toilet Fluid is one of the companies most environmentally friendly product to date. Featuring highly concentrated requiring only 20ml per 20L waste tank and 5ml per 8L flush tank, with a simple measuring device so no over dosing.

It has a pro-biotic “or friendly bacteria” formula which uses a synergetic blend of Bacillus strains from the latest advances in naturally sustainable bio-technology to control odours.

Thetford 30262AJ Aqua Kem Blue Toilet Sachets

Unfortunately we all need to clean our Caravans and Motorhomes and it’s not everyone’s favourite job to do, but it is something we all need to do from time to time. These Aqua Kem Blue sachets are the best pre-measured, water soluble toilet sachets worldwide.

The sachet provides the right dose every time, with the concentrated powder liquefying solids in the waste holding tank. They also help to keep the tank smelling fresh, and reduce gas build up. It’s typically recommended that you refresh every 4 to 5 days.

Elsan Blue Fluid 4L Toilet Chemical

Elsan Blue 4 litre toilet fluid has been designed to help kill germs, neutralise odours and prevents black spot mould, it can be used for all chemical toilets and cassettes.

All you need to do is simply add 60ml of Elsan Blue for every 10 litres in your waste tank to ensure your toilet stays safe, clean and fresh. If you want to know more or would like to order this item, please click on the link below – add this product to your cart and select a quick delivery option to your town or city today!

Thetford Aqua Rinse Toilet Spray - 500ml

This toilet bowl spray has been designed for toilets connected to the central water tank and provides an innovative rinse solution with all the benefits of Aqua Rinse Plus.

The spray coats the bowl with a protective layer, enabling a smoother flush and prevents staining. The rinse is septic tank safe, and also lubricates the seals and leaves a fresh smell long after flushing. Established in 1971, Thetford have had a passion for camping and travelling, no matter whether by caravan or motorhome, camping in tents or enjoying a holiday on a boat.

Blue Diamond Twin Pack Toilet Fluid and Bowl Cleaner

Blue Diamond have been manufacturing a diverse range of quality toilet chemicals/cleaning solutions for years and can guarantee a pleasant smelling, highly effective product to accompany your caravan, motorhome or portable loo!

This pack of chemical toilet cleaner consists of two bottles: one is e bottle of toilet fluid and the other is bottle of bowl cleaner. Used in conjunction they will keep your toilet hygienic and smelling fresh. Use with a standard toilet brush on a regular basis for a clean, sweet-scented bathroom.

5L Blue Chemical Toilet Fluid - Waste Tank Additive

Check out this product today which has been designed with a unique fresh smelling, non staining blue toilet fluid for both the top and bottom tanks. As a Universal Toilet Fluid it features an economical low dosage formula gives more doses per bottle.

Equally for your own peace of mind the creators have made this item so it’s environmentally friendly and a formaldehyde free product. It is compatible with all portable toilets. Dilution Rate of 100mls per 30 Litres of Waste.

Elsan DBLU400 Double Concentrated Toilet Fluid-Blue

This Blue chemical toilet fluid has been manufactured by Elsan and could be the perfect solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic toilet in your caravan or motorhome.

The powerful anti-bacterial formula kills harmful bacteria and germs on contact whilst eliminating unpleasant odours. It is double concentrated so whilst it gives exactly the same unbeatable anti-bacterial performance as Elsan Blue, it provides twice the doses making it especially good value.

Leisure Depot Toilet Blue Chemical 2 Litre Twin Pack 4 Litre

The Leisure Depot Blue Toilet Chemical 2 Litre Twin Pack is a great quality toilet chemical for breaking down waste in all portable & cassette toilets. Ideal for Caravans, Motor-homes & Boats.

It has been designed to be formaldehyde-free and can be used in the waste tank of all portable toilets. All you need to do is simply add 100mls of Porta Chem Toilet Chem to every 10 litres of water.