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Custom Size Mattresses are a popular item for people throughout the country. They’re made to high-quality specifications and can be just as good as your mattress at home! With attributes such as memory foam, pocket springs, latex foam and open-coil springs, your body should feel supported and revitalised after a wonderful night’s sleep.

Throughout the nation, you’ll find a wide range of manufacturers and retailers who make bespoke mattresses and beds. From the heartlands of Yorkshire and Lancashire to the Midlands and Southern England.

With so much option to choose from, it can be sometimes overwhelming to pick the right product for your requirements. This guide has been designed to help members of the British public understand buying a made to measure mattress in more detail, enabling them to make an informed purchasing decision. During each section of this guide, you’ll notice helpful tips and detailed descriptions, so you’re fully aware of everything to look out for!

Why Buy a British Made to Measure Mattress?

There’s lots of different reasons why people require a bespoke or odd size product, some need it for:

  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Static Caravans
  • Log Cabins
  • Chalets
  • Trucks

  • Yachts
  • Narrowboats
  • Small Bed Rooms
  • Antique Bed
  • IKEA Beds
  • Bunk Beds
British Bed Companies

For example, let’s say you’re buying a new special size product for a caravan, standard caravan mattresses are usually an odd size. Meaning you can’t purchase this type of item from a regular bed shop. Some can also be an odd shape, with ‘cut off corners’ and rounded edges. Obviously, these types of items are not applicable for normal bed frames. In most cases the manufacturer of the caravan can charge high prices for a replacement mattress, this is where custom mattress factories throughout the country come in.

Corner Cut Off Mattress

Corner Cut off Mattress

The Corner Cut Off Mattress (sometimes known as an offside mattress or nearside mattress) is a popular shape for many requirements across the country. As you can see from the image shown, a standard rectangular mattress simply has one corner removed.

Generally this can be in any corner of your choosing; meaning it can be removed in the top left hand corner, top right hand corner, bottom left hand corner or bottom right hand corner. You’ll typically need the dimensions of the side and angle of cut needed to fit into your caravan, boat, room and so on. Please remember to measure twice, so your dimensions are 100% correct.

Island Mattress (Rounded)

Island Mattress Shape

Are you looking to replace your Island Caravan Mattress? You’ll normally find rounded items such as this in Motorhomes and the main bedroom in Static Caravans. Over time mattresses can simply wear out, which means they obviously need replacing. Have you noticed any sagging, deterioration or simply that your current bed doesn’t support you… like it once did? If so, a change may be needed.

With a good range of UK manufacturers you’ll have a nice choice of products to select from; for example, you may want a Pocket Spring Island Mattress or want foam included too. This could be reflex foam, memory foam and so on. If you like your current mattress specifications, but it’s simply worn out due to general wear and tear; ask one of the custom manufacturers below to create a new product based on your preferred specs.

Island with Bolster Caravan Mattress

Island with Bolster Caravan Mattress

If you have a Caravan or Motorhome then you may need to purchase an Island Mattress with a Bolster (sometimes this can be known as a motorhome bolster mattress too) – this simply means this type of item features a rounded mattress with a smaller element located at the headend.

This has been designed to allow for the item to be pushed back during the day, so there’s more space for general use; such as better access to wardrobes or the bedroom (depending on configuration). At night the bolster can be positioned into place when the mattress is moved forward – thus extending the sleeping space available. You may find this type of product in a range of vehicles including 2 berth, 4 berth, fixed beds and luton beds and more!

Quick Tip

Across the UK there’s a large range of businesses which offer high-quality bespoke bed and mattress products at affordable pricing. You’ll find ‘most’ factories are based in Lancashire or Yorkshire, but there’s also a few further south too. Generally the Yorkshire/Lancashire region tends to be the main location for the bedding industry in the UK, but of course there can be exceptions.

It’s also important to remember that purchasing a bespoke product isn’t something which should be done lightly, you need to take your time and consider all of the options and specifications before buying. With so much choice, it can be hard to decide which one is correct for your needs. You need to consider all sorts of attributes such as mattress depth, fabric, construction quality, spring system or foam, product guarantee period and even the retailer you’re purchasing from!

Safety Regulations – Should you be Concerned?

Just like a regular size bed at home, it’s important to think about where your product is going to be used. If you’re planning to use it in a limited space environment (such as a caravan), it’s recommended to buy an item which features fire retardant material.

All honest UK suppliers can have their products tested at an independent facility, to make sure their items meet all UK fire regulations. You can simply ‘ask’ the retailer you’re buying from to see their certificates if you’re at all concerned. Most companies will display them on their website, however some don’t.

Mattress Safety

As safety is a top priority, you can also search the National Bed Federation’s website for free. This is a recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers – most decent companies will be a member as standard. If you can’t find a company listed with the National Bed Federation, you should ask yourself ‘why?’

Where to Buy Made to Order Mattress? REQUEST A QUOTE!

Here’s a helpful list of some of the leading special size manufacturers in the UK:

Custom Size Beds
Based in Kent, Custom Size Beds can produce shaped mattresses for a boat, with a corner cut off for your caravan, or even a circular mattress for an odd shaped bed frame. Most orders arrive within just 1-5 working days!

Bed Guru
Are you having problems finding the right size mattress for your particular needs? Have you got an odd-size bed frame, need additional length or is your room is too short or narrow for a normal-sized bed? If so, Bed Guru of West Yorkshire could be the ideal company for you!

If you need an odd size mattress for any reason, then Mattressman could be great for you! With their easy grid system and fantastic website, you can specify your preferred length and width in no time at all — there’s a massive 200 possible sizes available to choose from!

Made 2 Measure
From Tamworth, Staffordshire, Made 2 Measure are a family run business who have over 25 years experience, earning a reputation for supplying quality custom made products at low prices, with first class service.

Linthorpe Beds
Based in North East England, the company originally started around 25 years ago from one shop based in Middlesbrough, since then it has grown and now has three stores located in Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington and Bishop Auckland.

Please note: None of these companies are ‘recommended’ by Savvy England, it’s simply a list to help with your search. You will need to do your own research on whether they’re appropriate for your situation and requirements.

Special Size Mattress – General Use

The majority of special size beds and mattresses will be for use on one side only. This means you’ll have to rotate the product every couple of months for ‘even wear’. This type of practice is not uncommon in standard products for the home, however, it’s important to remember that you’ll usually need two people to rotate the item – a foam product will generally be ‘lighter’ than a pocket sprung.

Some items may allow you to turn the mattress over and sleep on either side. Please speak to the retailer or manufacturer directly to find out further information regarding this. In addition, it’s always recommended to read all care instructions which come with your item at the time of delivery. These types of documents will explain how to care for your item, how to keep it clean and how to prolong the lifespan of the product.

Special Size Mattress

Should you Buy a Memory Foam Mattress?

As you can imagine, the custom size mattress market offers a wide range of options. Producing tailored items has come along way over the last decade or so, and you can now enjoy ‘home comfort’ quality in bespoke products as you would in standard sizes.

Memory Foam Example

You can purchase items which feature pocket sprung mattress, memory foam mattresses, latex, reflex foam, open coil spring and more! As each person requires a ‘unique’ size and shape, the choice varies massively. You may find some retailers only sell foam mattresses, where others may sell foam and spring items.

Typically, its recommended to ‘go with what you know’ – if you have a memory foam bed at home and love the feel and comfort of it, then purchase a memory foam mattress. If you prefer a pocket sprung product, purchase that and so on. If you’re really ‘unsure’, it’s sometimes a good idea to buy a mattress topper, this simply goes ‘on top’ of your current bed. Custom mattress toppers can be great as they allow you to ‘test’ the comfort level of the product without having to purchase an entirely new item.

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