Customer Service Mistakes – Help Guide

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No matter how good your company’s product or service is, if your customer service skills are missing, it won’t make much difference. This is particularly true in today’s economy, as struggling business owners need every possible advantage over their competition to succeed.

Unfortunately, far too many business owners make the same customer service mistakes time and time again, which ultimately sends their customers into the arms of their competitors.

However, there is ways you can improve – here are some great tips you need to remember when attempting your improve your customer service performance:

Not Being Friendly – A friendly customer service representative is someone most people will remember for years to come. After all they’re representing your company, so being friendly is obviously an important characteristic. Having a nice smile and a helpful attitude can go a long way in making a customer feel happy.

Talking Too Much – Sometimes customer service staff can talk too much, at the end of the day, the best level of service usually starts by listening carefully to what the customer has to say and to act accordingly. Don’t overload customers with too much information that isn’t relevant to their query or problem.

Not Being Honest – It goes without saying, you need to be always honest with your customers when talking about your products and services. If your business doesn’t provide what a customer is looking for, there’s nothing wrong in admitting it without giving them misleading information or false promises.

Not Listening – An important element of customer service is listening to the needs and concerns of your customers, it’s the key to understanding a customer’s problem and resolving it as quickly as possible.

Not Asking Questions – Too many customer service staff make assumptions without asking customers for more questions to get to the real core of the issue. Asking questions finds out what customers really want.

Not Apologising – Businesses and members of staff can be wrong, and sometimes there’s nobodies’ fault, however, should this situation occur there’s nothing wrong in apologising to the customer. Typically saying sorry tends to calm customers anger so a workable solution can be found.

Using Jargon – Unfortunately many customer service representatives fall into the trap of using jargon, after all they’re living and breathing the products they’re selling. Jargon is a big no when talking to customers, always use simple and understandable language, don’t assume that your customers are familiar with certain terminology and buzz words.

Lack of Knowledge – Sometimes lack of knowledge can’t be helped, particularly if somebody is new to the job. However, if you’re in a technical field then its expected that your customer service representatives will have some basic knowledge of the products or services you’re offering. If they don’t you may need to think about offering some form of in-house training.

Using Scripts – Scripted answers generally only work well for staff – as they can save time. For the customer they can sound like a representative is dis-interested or even automated to the point that they don’t really care about the customer’s needs.

Lack of Manners – Lack of manners can be incredibly annoying for customers; recent research has stated that 65% of customers are most frustrated from interacting with employees who are unfriendly or rude. In most cases having great manners will reflect in a positive overall experience for both the staff member and for your customers.

Arguing – As the famous saying goes “the customer is always right” – you can never win an argument with a customer; the best customer service will attempt to show a customer is wrong without throwing it in their face.

Not Delivering on Promises – Typically most bad customer experiences happen when a business does not deliver on its promises, this could be anything from products being out of stock or even deliveries not turning up on time. You should never promise something you can’t deliver.

Taking Customers for Granted – Its easy for companies to take customers for granted, however with many customers now shopping online its never been easier for them to click away from shopping with you and using a competitor instead. Generally, repeat customers are loyal customers, who can add excellent value to a business over a long period of time, so make them feel special and not taken for granted.

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