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Looking for a UK Business Directory in February 2019! Local Company Finder!

By Phillip Gray
Founder and Editor
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Looking for a local business in your town or city? Savvy England has one of the UK's leading online business and company finders, ideal for a wide range of population! Great for finding plumbers, shops, venues, airports, electricians, builders, shopping centres and more!

This section has been created to help members of the British public find out information regarding company addresses, business contact details, opening hours, biographies and more!

Further Information

Most business directories in the UK only focus on basic information, this section has broken the mould within the United Kingdom by offering a comprehensive description of each and every business on its database. This means we've gone deeper than ever before to aid customers of England to find the correct company for their requirements.

A simple British Business Directory is no longer useful in the modern era, the general public expect more detailed analysis, information and guides before purchasing a service or product. This is not only applicable to national companies but also to small and medium-sized businesses. It helps consumers build confidence and trust in the company they're purchasing from. Savvy England has revolutionised the way in which trust can be gained and the barrier between consumers and companies can be narrowed, thus the overall aim is to aid a more positive consumer experience and sales. Our expert team are consistently analysing new businesses throughout the United Kingdom, we also have a skilled team of 'secret shoppers' who offer expert and independent business reviews. This is ideal for most consumers looking for impartial guidance.


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