Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Mattress Review

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The Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Mattress features two layers of Octaspring’s revolutionary memory foam springs and three separate body zones which should aid you as you sleep. The Octaspring has been designed by renowned inventor, Willy Poppe. It’s true to say the invention of the Octaspring has certainly sent shockwaves throughout the mattress and bedding industry.

So how does it work? Well the Octaspring 6500 has a unique ventilation that is designed to keep you cool and fresh all night long. The Octaspring ventilation system provides a constant airflow, this means body movements will push warm humid air out of the specially designed sides of the mattress, drawing fresh air back in.

This product has been designed to assist your sleep, you should comfortable quicker, fall asleep faster and spend more time in deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed for the day ahead

The Octaspring 6500 Mattress is made from two layers of the unique Octaspring foam springs and has a medium firm feel.  After a long day you will beautifully sink into a layer of breathable Octaspring memory foam springs, which are arranged in 3 comfort zones. These are as follows, softer memory foam for your head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips.

Octaspring Mattress Layers

  • Layer 1: Three zone memory foam Octaspring springs topped with a luxury memory foam layer of 9cm
  • Breathable Ecocell Layer of 3cm
  • Layer 2: Supportive Octaspring Foundation layer of 5cm
  • Breathable Ecocell Layer of 5cm

The Octaspring 6500 is topped with a deep layer luxurious memory foam ensuring you enjoy deep muscle relaxation and truly invigorating sleep.

All this rests on a layer of medium firm Octaspring springs for cushioning support that evenly distributes your body weight and ensures perfect spine alignment.

Octaspring 6500 Product specification

  • Octaspring Layers: 2
  • Total Depth: 22cm
  • Body Zones: 3
  • Comfort Raring: Medium / Firm
  • Rotation: Head to Toe
  • Cover: Italian Design with Zip
  • Removable: Yes and washable

The Octaspring 5600 mattress has a comfort rating of “Medium / Firm” – generally speaking a medium firm mattress is a good choice if you are likely to be sleeping on your back or stomach. However, it will also support the shoulders and hips if you or your partner sleep on their side.

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General Mattress Durability

Octaspring’s unique design means it maintains its resilience and compression, ensuring long lasting comfort and support. Octaspring mattresses are rigorously tested in independent laboratories to make sure the mattress will continue to perform for decades to come.

The testing includes repeatedly applying hundreds of pounds of pressure on the edges and sleep surface. Remarkably, even after 60,000 repetitions, simulating 20 years of use, the Octaspring would still perform virtually like new.

We feel we should mention a small disclaimer at this point, as with all mattresses, how a person cares for it (such as regular cleaning, rotating, etc) will improve a mattress lifespan. However as most mattress testing is conducted by machines, human movements, pressure and environments over time could produce different result. This is applicable to all types of mattress by any brand.

Who are Dormeo?

If you’re thinking about buying a Dormeo mattress then you may want to gain knowledge of the brand you’re buying from! Dormeo manufacturers high quality Italian-made memory foam mattresses, over the last decade they have became one of Europe’s most trusted bedding brands. Dormeo was launched in 2002 as single mattress and now is developed to lifestyle brand with more than 80 different products for the home.

Dormeo have sold: 1m mattresses, in over 40 countries, in 10 years!

Dormeo memory foam mattresses are principally sourced in Italy because that’s where they find the most excellent in European luxury design. For example each Dormeo Memory mattress has an Ecocell core which adapts to your body’s shape and temperature to guarantee you a great night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank.

Dormeo Octaspring 15 Year Warranty

Did you know that All Dormeo memory foam mattresses come with an exceptional 15 year limited warranty. Dormeo guarantee they will replace or repair your Dormeo mattress if it is substandard due to defective workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in their warranty documentation.

For more information on Dormeo’s warranty period please Click Here