Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Plus Mattress Review

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The Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Plus Mattress is a new model from Dormeo which has been designed with comfort, style and support in mind. Dormeo sent shockwaves through the bedding and mattress industry when they introduced their revolutionary “Octaspring” system, which this mattress features!

The Octaspring Hybrid Plus Mattress is the ideal way to experience the exclusive Octaspring technology, it has been combined with a traditional feel of pocket springs. It fuses together and creates a great hybrid of traditional and modern features. 

State of the Art Memory Foam: Octaspring memory foam cradles the body according to its contours, whilst the individually responsive nature of each spring means that the product dynamically conforms to its movements. There is no transfer of motion between each spring, which ensures that sleeping partners are less likely to disturb each other.

Why Buy Octaspring?

So how does the Octaspring differ from regular spring systems? The Octasprings from Dormeo are Breathable memory foam springs which offer different firmnesses. They’re arranged in to zones to provide unmatched levels of support, flexibility and comfort across your entire body so you can snooze in style. This unbelievable ‘memory foam spring’ technology cannot be found in any other mattress!

The Octaspring layer rests upon a three zone pocket spring foundation, thus offering even weight distribution and a unique sleep experience. This cools, comforts and cradles the body for a healthy and restful sleep.  

However that’s not all, it has great ventilation with an extra deep layer of exclusive Octaspring memory foam springs which are arranged in five zones. This then provides more support where the body is naturally heavier and more comfort where the body is lighter.

Be aware that this item will arrive vacuum packed, all Dormeo memory mattresses are vacuum packed, which enables easy transportation and excellent hygiene. Do not use sharp objects when opening the package as these may damage the mattress cover.

After opening the mattress cover may be slightly wrinkled. A normal result of the vacuum-packing, this will disappear in a few hours. The mattress will regain its normal shape in 15 minutes and be ready to sleep on after 6 hours.

Please also note, due to the nature of the materials and the vacuum-packing process, the product may initially have a ‘memory foam’ smell. This odour will naturally dissipate after a few hours once the packaging has been removed.

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Who Are Dormeo?

Dormeo are a European mattress manufacturer which has been growing in popularity over the last decade or so. They source their mattress materials from the finest quality suppliers which are mainly located in Italy.

All Dormeo memory foam mattresses come with a 15 year limited warranty. Dormeo guarantee that they will replace or repair your Dormeo mattress if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty.

See more information about the Dormeo Warranty / Guarantee by clicking HERE

Dormeo’s Eco Commitment

As a responsible manufacturer, Dormeo have an Eco Promise, the pioneering design and technology of the Octaspring is constant with the 21st century’s demands for a accountable approach towards the environment and its natural resources.

Dormeo set an eco-objective for the production process of Octaspring mattresses to achieve a reduction in their eco footprint and achieved it both in manufacturing processes and by using environmentally friendly materials which are all suitable for recycling recyclable.