Ecommerce Tips – How to Increase Sales at Halloween

By | Last Updated: 29th May 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

Throughout the world Halloween is a popular retail event for many industries, for some sectors it can be just as lucrative as other events such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday and so on.

For marketers and business owners, Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative and allow their brand personality to shine through, with themed marketing promotions and fun messaging.

As Halloween basically kicks off the start of a busy retail period for most, as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas soon follow, a well thought out Halloween marketing campaign can make for a great start for most companies.

Here’s some good marketing tactics and tricks to consider, to get an advantage over your competition:

Before any marketing campaign you should plan out what you want to achieve, as Halloween falls on a different day each year, you’ll have to consider which days are going to be your busiest. For example, Halloween on a Friday can be fun, Halloween on a Tuesday means for most there’s work and school the next morning – which can potentially limit your plans or activities.

It goes without saying, a lot of markets have large competition, the way to gain an advantage is to standout with high quality content that appeals to your target audience, add themed designs to all your literature and digital profiles. This includes adding themed elements to your website, emails, social media profiles and so on – adding seasonal elements is a great way to generate interest and draw in potential customers in.

As previously stated, social media will be an area you certainly want to focus on, as the platforms are mainly for sharing, fun and exciting content can help your brand and products to go a long way.

Change from your average every day post and pique the interest of your followers, for example why not engrave your logo into a pumpkin? Or create a behind the scenes video of your office in Halloween related costumes. There’re loads of ideas which you can play around with to appeal to your audience.

If you sell a physical product, why not think about changing your packaging for the Halloween season? Take your marketing to the next level and give your customers a special treat to thank them for their loyalty or repeat business.

Play on the ‘Trick or Treat’ concept by slipping a small treat into your packaging – such as low cost such as sweets, chocolate or product samples will work well – if your profit margins allow you could even give them coupons or discount cards to use at a later date, thus increasing your sales at a point down the road.

Speaking of discounts, it’s not uncommon for many businesses to simply send a promotional offer by email to their loyal customers a week before Halloween begins. Of course, you’ll have to consider and evaluate which option works best for your needs.

If you want to leverage traffic from the search engines, you could easily create a Halloween Gift Ideas page on your website, remember people always search for gifts before a particular event, Google Keywords shows that Halloween Gift Ideas has an amount of 10,000 searches per month, this is something you could potentially tap into.

If you enjoy a great fanbase on your social media channels, remember that user-generated content is a great marketing tool for most companies. For this Halloween, consider hosting a Halloween photo contest on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles, equally you could host a Halloween video contest on your YouTube channel. Remember user-generated content can easily become viral, so you can increase your brand awareness and reach potential traffic from social platforms.

When you get potential customers to your store, always take advantage of an upselling or cross selling opportunities. It was stated that Halloween retail spending was estimated at $9 billion in 2018.

As you can see, customers like to spend during the Halloween period, research by For Entrepreneurs showed that “it’s 68% more expensive to acquire $1 from a new customer than it is to upsell current customers”. They also highlighted that “70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewals. Only 5-30% come from the initial sale”. The data clearly backs up the idea that upselling and cross selling is certainly something to consider as part of your wider marketing campaign.

There’s hundreds of different Halloween ideas to potentially increase your sales, remember to be creative and fun, as this type of marketing is most likely to be shared amongst your audience.

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