Best England Flags – Top 10 List – Great for Football, Rugby, Music Festivals and more!

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Are you wanting to purchase an England Flag in January 2020?

You could be looking for a large England Flag, one for a Football match, Rugby Game, Cricket, Music Festival and so on – whatever your reason is we’ve brought together some awesome products to help you find one that’s right for you! Please keep in mind that the following list of products are an ‘opinion’ and are listed in ‘no particular order’.

Why buy a St Georges Cross England Flag?

The Cross of St George features a red cross on a white background, this design is believed to have come from the Late Middle Ages and become associated with Saint George (who is a military saint) and is often depicted as a crusader.

St George rose to the position of “patron saint” of England after the English reformation, and since the early modern period his flag came to be identified as the national flag of England.

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England Flag - Vivid Color and UV Fade Resistant

Standard Size – This Flag has been designed to be very Light-Weighted. So It is great for Low-Wind Areas. The colour is sharp and vivid and the dye has been processed for UV fade resistant.

Equally this item has been made of durable polyester, with double stitched all around the edge and strengthened by canvas header and two brass grommets. You don’t just have to buy an item like this for an event such as a football match, it could look great on a flag pole in your garden or on a caravan! Whatever the reason is, why not visit the link below for latest delivery info to your region.

Giant England Cross of St George World Cup Flag

Giant English Flag – This item is brand new and now available to purchase in the original packaging. It’s a giant patriotic England cross of St George flag, which could be ideal to fly outside pubs, shops or houses.

Featuring a 100% polyester construction with 8 brass eyelets for easy hanging, this item is a must for any England supporter. Whether you’re supporting the nation in Football, Rugby, Netball and so on – it could be great for a wide range of uses. It measures approximately 10ft x 6ft (305cm x 183cm) and has a huge ‘England’ printed across the front.

England St George Cross Flag MASSIVE

Massive Flag – If you’re heading to a music event, festival, football match or something else – you might want to consider this superb item today. It has been constructed from 100% polyester and has two metal eyelets as standard – which means it could easily be attached to a flag pole.

In addition it has been screen printed in bold and clear colours so everyone can see it! It has a double stitched hem with reinforced edge on the hanging side and is generally suitable for indoor or occasional outdoor use.

England St George Wearable Flag Football Rugby Supporters

Stand out from the crowd with this Wearable England Flag. Whether you’re supporting the England football team through the World Cup, the England Rugby team or even the cricket team at the Ashes…… you can wear the country’s flag with pride.

The flag has internal sleeves so that you can wear it rather than hold it keeping your hands free. It measures approximately 5ft in width and 3ft in height. You can order this item today from Smiffy’s on Amazon UK, there’s a same day dispatch on all orders received by 3pm and next working day delivery available too.

England Rose and Lion Charger St George 5x3 Flag

Check out this superb 5’x3′ (1500mm x 900mm) which features a nice design – you should feel pride with this ‘Rose and Lion Charger’ style product. It has been made from 100% polyester and could be ideal for you, particularly if you’re going to a music event, football game, rugby, cricket and more!

For your own peace of mind, this item has been double stitched for extra strength and features two Brass eyelets for flying on a flag pole or telescopic pole! Please click on the link below to find out the latest stock availability and delivery info to your location.

England 4 Lions St Georges Cross

You should love this nice looking English flag today, it features ‘England’ written across the front with four lions in each corner. For your own peace of mind, this item has been made from 100% Polyester with two metal eyelets for easy hanging. Equally it has also been screen printed in bold and clear colours – so you can show the world exactly how proud you are!

The flag has an approximate sizing of 5ft x 3ft (150 x 90 cm) and it has a double stitched hem around the edge. Overall this is a nice product which can be suitable for indoor or light outdoor use such as at festivals, games, matches and so on.

5ft x 3ft Old Historic England Richard Lionheart Material Flag

If you’re wanting something a bit different from the standard St Georges cross, this double stitched England Richard Lionheart style could be the one for you. It has an old historic design and would look great in the crowd at the next event or game you’re attending!

This item is double stitched and is made from 100% polyester. Did you know? Richard I was King of England from 1189 until his death. He was the third of five sons of King Henry II of England and Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine. He was known as Richard Cœur de Lion or ‘Richard the Lionheart’ because of his reputation as a great military leader and warrior.

Lest We Forget Poppy Remembrance Day Flag

This Lest We Forget flag has been constructed from 100% Polyester with two metal eyelets. It has been screen printed in bold, clear colours and would look great for a wide range of occassions and events.

The flag measures around 5ft x 3ft (150 x 90 cm) and is double stitched hem around the edge, equally it’s suitable for indoor or light outdoor use. You may want an item such as this for Poppy Remembrance Day, War Heroes events, national events such as sporting games, trooping the colour and so on.

White Ensign Navy Union Jack Flag

Check out this White Ensign Navy Union Jack Flag which has been designed with a double stitched hem around the edge, and a reinforced edge on the hanging side. The flag is screen printed onto 100% woven polyester and will come with two metal eyelets. The overall size of this item is 8′ x 5′ (2.5m x 1.5m).

Did you know? The White Ensign was at one time called the ‘St George’s Ensign’ it is flown on British Royal Navy ships and shore establishments. It consists of a red St George’s Cross on a white field with the Union Flag in the upper canton.

Remembrance Sunday Poppy Lest We Forget Flag

If you want to buy an item which is a little different this Remembrance Sunday Poppy Lest We Forget 5’x3′ (150cm x 90cm) Flag might be a good choice for you. It measures approximately 5’x3′ (150cm x 90cm) and has been made from 100% Polyeste.

You may want to fly this flag, if so it has 2 brass eyelets included as standard and has been double stitched for extra strength. You can view this item now by clicking on the link below and visiting the product page for further information.

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