Gainsborough Beds Savoy 1450 Mattress Review

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The Gainsborough Beds Savoy 1450 Mattress certainly looks great and oozes both style and class.

This mattress has 1450 pocketed springs and also features fillings such as white fibre, cashmere, wool, silk and soft white fibre. There’s no denying that the Gainsborough Beds Savoy 1450 Mattress has certainly been built to good specifications. Pocket spring systems have steadily grown in popularity amongst manufactures and consumers alike.

Gainsborough Beds are a renowned and valued British manufacturer. They create pieces which are at the higher end of the bedding and mattress industry.

Why Buy the Savoy 1450 Mattress?

The Gainsborough Beds Savoy 1450 Mattress is at the mid-range level of the market. Featuring 1450 pocket springs this item has been constructed with fantastic comfort in mind. You will find that most mid-range to high-end items will nearly always feature pocket springs. This is because they are favoured against the traditional open coil sprung system.

Within the pocket spring system, each spring is accurately engineered then wrapped individually, in its own soft cloth sleeve, hence the name “pocket spring”. This then holds it at the most advantageous tension, and allows each spring to move separately from the other springs.

Pocket springs have become so popular, because they stop roll together between two sleeping partners. For example, if a partner gets out of bed during the night, on an open coil system the whole mattress moves. This is because an open coil system is inter-joined and attached by a wire edge at the top and bottom.

However, in a pocket spring system, this movement simply does not happen. This is because the only springs which move, are the ones the partner was laying upon. Thus, your side of the mattress stays perfectly still supporting your own body shape.

Let’s look at the tensions in more detail. The savoy 1450 has three different mattress tensions which mean you can choose what tension you would like for your own requirements. These tensions are soft, medium or firm.

This is a great plus point of this item. Usually you will find, that the vast majority of manufacturers tell you what tension the mattress is. The ability to be able to choose, is a really good element.

Which Tension Should You Buy?

Back Sleepers – If you sleep on your back you could be better off with a medium mattress which provides the best support for your lower back.

Side Sleepers – If you sleep on your side you could be better off with a soft mattress and high pillow to allow your shoulders and hips to sink in.

Front Sleepers – If you sleep on your front you could be better off with a firm mattress and a low pillow for the best support of your neck muscles.

Additional Information

For added comfort, this mattress contains indulgent silk, this can be ideal for those who prefer their mattress to be traditional and natural. This mattress also contains cashmere and pure new wool.

Cashmere is a type of soft wool from a certain type of goat, of a softer and finer fibre than sheeps wool. It can be used as a filling in more expensive, luxury mattresses.

Wool is a popular natural filling, as it provides insulation, warmth and comfort. It works in harmony with the body temperature to keep warm and comfortable. Wool is also naturally fire resistant.

Silk is a very soft and lightweight fabric derived from silk worms, Silk is only used in the highest quality products.

To finish the Gainsborough Beds Savoy 1450 Mattress off, you will find Air vents to improve air circulation within the mattress and handles to assist the movement of the mattress. Air vents are a great feature as they allow the mattress to breath more freely. Mattresses need good airflow, to prolong the inner workings of the item, and for moisture reasons. The inclusion of vents, means your mattress should preform better, for longer, and equally feel much fresher when you lay on it. After a hard days work.

As this mattress is double sided, meaning it has fillings on both sides; the inclusion of handles makes it much easier to turn the entire product. Generally speaking it’s recommended to turn this mattress every few months. This will prolong the mattresses lifespan.

For your own piece of mind this product has been manufactured in the UK and conforms to the BS7177: 2008 standard for domestic use (low hazard) – ideal for use at home.

Gainsborough Beds was among the first manufacturers to join the National Bed Federation accreditation scheme. The NBF code of practice ensures that all products carrying the official mark is safe, clean and honest.

Gainsborough Guarantee

The vast majority of Gainsborough mattresses will come with a 5 year guarantee. This will generally cover any manufacturing faults. If, within 5 years of purchase, a defect is found Gainsborough Beds will either repair or replace.

It’s recommended you should read their Terms and conditions in full before purchasing. Please CLICK HERE to read.

Gainsborough Beds are also part of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) which is the leading furniture research body in the United Kingdom. As full members, Gainsborough benefit from access to testing facilities, technical information and industry expertise. This gives our customers the reassurance that all our products conform to robust safety standards.