Best Home Safe UK – Top 10 List of Products in January 2020… Which one should you buy?

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Looking for a Home Safe for your valuables / jewellery in 2020? If so you’ve came to the right place. This helpful Best Home Safe Top 10 List has been created to highlight some of the best products available to purchase right now.

In most cases you’ll probably be buying a product such as this for yourself, however you may be purchasing for someone you know. That could be an older parent, grandparent, friend, other family member and so on. Whatever the reason is, this page has been designed to help you.

Which Home Safe to Buy?

Of course for any homeowner in England, security is a top priority…. however which Safe should you buy? Firstly let’s look at current and historical home crime rates. Did you know? According to the Office of National Statistics “in the survey year ending March 2017, around 2 in 100 households had been victims of domestic burglary; this compares with around 9 in 100 households in the year ending December 1995, meaning that households are currently four times less likely to be a victim of burglary than in 1995.”

As you can see the national trend shows a decrease towards domestic burglary, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Having a safe in your home can be good for a wide range of families and homeowners throughout the country. After all should the worse happen, knowing your valuables and personal belongings are in a safe location is obviously good for your piece of mind. Please keep in mind that the following list of products are an ‘opinion’ and are listed in ‘no particular order’.

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Yale YSV/200/DB1 Small Value Safe

Value Safe – The Yale YSV/200/DB1 Small Value Safe is a nice product with an excellent print point. It has been designed to secure your important belongings such as passports, birth certificates, cards, cash and keys. You should notice this item has a lovely steel constructed body with 15mm solid steel locking bolts and internal hinges provide additional security.

In addition the external measurements for this safe is 20H x 31W x 20D cm and to complete the overall look it has a nice Black finish. For your own peace of mind, this product is operated by a digital keypad and the LED lights indicate lock status. Equally there’s also an override key included for emergency access. For further information and ordering details, please click on the link below now.

Dirty Pro Tools Extra Large Office And Home Safe With 7 Lever Lock

Extra Large Size – This item could be an ideal one for you, it has been built to British Standard BS7558/92 which means it’s not just good for valuables and belongings it can also be used for gun security too.

Inside of the item is a removable shelf in case you need to store larger objects. There’s two keys supplied as standard and it has an anti crowbar door system. In addition there’s four pre-drilled holes in the back and base for securing into wall or floor with fixing bolts included. The external dimensions are height 500 x width 350 x depth 310mm and the approximate weight is 17kgs.


If you’re looking for a product which offers a large litre volume, this safe may just be ideal for your requirements. It has a steel construction with a door thickness of 3.6mm and a body thickness of 1.5mm. It also has a fine powder coated finished and a high security electronic lock with 2 back up keys.

It can be programmed between 3-8 numbers keypad with led indicator and has an auto locking function with three correct entries buzzer. For installation in your home, you should notice it comes as standard with four pre drilled holes in the base and back for fixing securing into floor or wall.

SafeCan Heinz Baked Beanz - Secret Stash Hidden Storage

Looking for Something Different? – Check out this clever Safe Can with a Heinz Baked Beanz design. All you need to do to use this item is simply remove the base to reveal a secret compartment, it can be ideal for hiding money and keys in your kitchen cupboards.

Products such as this are a genuine replica licenced can, sold on Amazon. They are usually recognised by the Police, neighbourhood watch groups and Insurance companies as an excellent deterrent against theft. If this is something you’re interested in please click on the link below for the latest delivery information to your location.

Hardcastle Key Operated Home Security Money Safe

Check out the Hardcastle Key Operated Locking Safe today, this item has been designed to keep all of your items safe. It features a high security double bitted keylock and has been manufactured from a strong steel construction.

As standard this product includes three keys and fixing bolts, it also has pre drilled holes for easy fixing to a wall or floor. It could be great for use in home, offices, hotels, b&bs and so on. Generally items such as this are suitable for storing money, documents and valuables.

Secret Wall Safe Hidden Plug Socket

This quite ingenious Secret Wall Safe has been designed to keep your valuables, money, keys, etc safely stored in the last place that anyone would think to look – inside a fake double plug socket on your wall.

The white plastic double socket face measures 85mm high x 146mm wide and is 14mm thick – which is the same dimensions as a standard double plug socket, it even has moving on/off switches with authentic red inserts. Behind the facade, you’ll find a metal cage measuring approximately 77mm high x 138mm wide and 139mm deep. This has been designed to hold a powder-coated 1 litre capacity steel drawer – measuring 60mm high x 124mm wide and 129mm deep. If you really want to trick any would-be thief, plug in a ‘fake’ dummy cable into the left socket.

Key Lock Box

Ideal For Key Storage – This item has been designed with large storage space and could easily be used to store keys or access cards by your door. You can easily pleace up to 6 keys in this item – which could make it the perfect choice for Airbnb rentals, hotels, offices and so on.

The 4-digit multi-combination code provides 10,000 possible combinations to keep the key safe securely lock.

For your own peace of mind this item has been built from durable Material which is in fact zinc alloy and heavy-duty metal. This has been used to prevent it from hammering, sawing or prying, rust-resistant Steel and shutter door make it weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use.

Electronic Home Mini Safe Box

If you don’t need a huge safe to store your personal accessories then this Electronic Home Mini Safe Box could be ideal for your needs. For your own peace of mind this product has been constructed with 2mm thick solid steel and a 4mm thick front door. On the inside there’s also tamper-proof hinges for that extra touch of security.

However that’s not all…. this item has been designed to feature a ‘hidden lock’ with one key and security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9. As standard there’s two ways of operation, this is either via the digital pin or override key. The size of this item is 23 x 17 x 17 cm; meaning it can be easy to hide in any corner of the house, office, hotel and so on.

Yale Y-FLS0000 Floor Safe

The Yale Y-FLS0000 Floor Safe has been designed to be compact and discrete for homes up and down the country. As standard this item will be delivered to you with pre-drilled holes and fixing bolts, that allow fixing under floorboards.

It is easy-to-use and can be great for a wide range of circumstances; including both business and domestic use. It has a high security mechanical key operation, steel construction and a black finish. In addition, the base is lined with soft material to prevent damage to contents, while keeping them secure. For latest stock availability and to order this item please use the link below.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Fire Resistant – This product is a 24 litre capacity fire-resistant safe for protecting important documents, hard drives, usb sticks, money and other valuables from theft and fire.

It has been designed and constructed to complie with modified UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests for Fire Resistance of Record Protection Equipment for 20 minutes at 650 degrees Celcius tested by Intertek. Equally it has a durable 14-gauge heavy-duty steel body construction with four large 0.75-inch bolts for extra security. The nice electronic keypad provides quick and easy access and this item includes back-up key for emergency use as standard.

UK Book Safe English Dictionary Style

Do you have a lot of books on a shelf in your home? If so you can now keep your valuables secure with this clever book shaped safe. This product has been designed with a New English Dictionary cover, so it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf.

Featuring a strong construction to keep your items secure, this product has two keys supplied as standard. You can easily store passports, cards, money, jewellery, rings and so on. Simply get the book from your shelf and open it up! If you want to order this product please click on the link below now!

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