How to get Ex Girlfriend Back – Easy Way

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Are you wondering How to get Ex Girlfriend Back the easy way? Unfortunately relationships break up every day of the year, if you want to win an ex girlfriend back, this article should definitely help you.

Firstly this page will focus on an ex-girlfriend who has ended the relationship with you. As a man you need to understand that women are different, they think different, their feelings are different, their outlook is different. It can be extremely tempting to beg, call, visit or text your ex – however in most cases this simply won’t work.

Unfortunately you need to give her a little space to realise what she’s missing…. it can be hard for men to realise that once a woman has finished a relationship, she hasn’t done so without thinking about it. Usually she may have been thinking about ending the relationship for weeks, if not months in advance. This means no amount of “begging” or “promising to change” is going to work straight away.

The easiest thing for you to do right now is simply NOTHING, yes i said it, do nothing at all. This may sound a little strange, but keep reading to find out why this actually works.

Quick Tip

Firstly women enjoy attention, they want to be chased, they want to feel like you’ve “earned them” – all this simply gives her, is an ego-boost – at a time when shes probably feeling quite good and you’re feeling pretty bad. If you give her this attention, she knows that you’ll be her “back up plan” and she can pick you up whenever she wants to. This gives her the ultimate power over you! This means you NEED to go “no contact” – don’t Facebook message her, text, call or communicate in any way. Do not interact in any arguments or conversations this will only prolong your pain and suffering.

While it may seem hard at first, simply concentrate on yourself, go to the gym, play sports, catch up with other friends, learn a new skill – whatever it may be, just make sure you’re busy and living your life.

Cycling Man

When a woman sees her ex “moving on” she starts to question if she’s made a mistake about ending the relationship – she quickly realises her “power” over you is diminishing faster than she thought.

In most cases you’ll receive some sort of communication from her, this can be after a few days of no contact, sometimes it can be a week or two. However it always happens at some stage!

You will receive a simple message such as “hey, just seeing how you are?…” or “I haven’t heard from you in a while, is everything OK?”. In some cases, she’ll “happen” to be at a location where she KNOWS you’ll be at. This is all part of the mind games.

Once she starts seeing a “new you” (in her eyes) the tables have suddenly turned, you’re fitter, stronger, having more fun without her. The power has now been transferred to you.

At this stage she’ll either admit to making a mistake in finishing the relationship or she’ll get angry that you’re moving on, sometimes it’s very hard to know which way this will go.

The next stage of the process is up to you. Do you want to try again? Has your life improved without her? Do you feel more confident in your own abilities? As every relationship is different, only you can decide the next step you want to take.

Sometimes going back to an ex-girlfriend doesn’t work as the “spark” has gone, however for others a break can re-ignite the relationship as both parties realise what they lost. The choice really is up to you. Good Luck.


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