Best Inflatable Hot Tubs – TOP 10 List UK – Which Jacuzzi or Spa should you purchase?

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Are you wanting to buy an Inflatable Hot Tub or Inflated Spa in January 2020? It could be an ideal addition to your home/garden for the coming season!

You may be in the market for an inflatable jacuzzi, hot tub or spa because you simply want to relax after a hard days work. Equally you may enjoy hosting parties, having friends and family over and so on. The reasons for owning a product like this are nearly endless! There’s lots of different models and brands available to buy, so this page has been created to give you a helpful UK guide.

Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide – Inflated Spa, Jacuzzi Hot Tube Deals UK

Many people across the world use Hot Tubs, Spas, Saunas and Jacuzzi’s on a daily basis – some believe they not only offer relaxation benefits, but health benefits too. For example you may be searching for inflatable hot tub with seats in the UK, you don’t have to just relax on your own, hot tubs can be a social event too.

Generally speaking the benefits of hydrotherapy can include helping the muscles to relax which can ease pain and make exercise easier. The buoyancy of the water helps to support body weight, which can relieve pressure on joints, reduce pain and increase your movement. Equally hydrotherapy can help improve circulation and reduce swelling. For some it can also improve general physical condition and well being. (Source – Plymouth Hospitals NHS ) If you’re purchasing a hot tub or spa for a medical issue, it’s always recommended to seek professional advice from your doctor or hospital consultant. Please keep in mind that all products listed on this webpage are an ‘opinion’, they’re also in ‘no particular order’.

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub with Airjet Massage System

Trusted by over 250,000 customers – Buy now from one of the UK’s bestselling, award winning inflatable hot tub brands. This item has been designed with luxury in mind, for example check out the massage system – the soothing 87 AirJet system gives you an all-surrounding massage experience for pure relaxation and comfort.

Did you realise that this product requires no professional installation or tools, inflate with the included pump and set up easily in less than 10 minutes! Pretty good huh? Equally you should also love the enhanced pump technology which has been designed to enable you to simultaneously heat and filter the water whilst running the massage system. There’s even an energy saving timer – which allows you to schedule your next hot tub session so it’s ready for when you get home and save energy when not in use.

Intex Octagonal Pure Spa

Check out this Intex PureSpa which has been manufactured to high-quality specifications – you can now enjoy a luxurious spa experience and relax in the comfort of your home with ease! This product has a built-in hard water treatment system which makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience. Equally the PureSpa also comes with a simple-to-use control panel that adjusts the heating system.

Another feature we love is the superior structural stability this item has while maintaining a comfortable surface for a supreme and refreshing spa experience. The PureSpa is designed for comfort and engineered for durability, you should easily enjoy the fantastic 120 heated bubble jets with Intex’s unique patented Fiber-Tech construction. For ease of use, this item provides simple maintenance with 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water. You can easy enjoy this spa with your family or friends, it has a seating capacity of four people and a water capacity of 795 litres. For further information about this item or to order, please click on the button below now.

All Seasons Gazebos and Hot Tubs 4-6 Person

4-6 Person – This All Seasons Spa/Hot Tube has been designed to heat and bubble at the same time, this simply means the water stays at your desired temperature whilst relaxing with the 130 air jets on. You can easily heat the water up to 40 degrees with smart technology built in with an increased 7m lead with plug to create a ideal distance from your plug socket. This item could be great in a summerhouse, patio, garden location and so on.

You can even use the spa on very cold days if required…. down to -7 degrees outside air temperature.The All Seasons Spa pump is all built-in and self inflates in minutes. If you would like to order this product please click on the link below – as standard there’s full UK aftersales support.

MSPA Alpine Lite Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

It’s never been easier to relax and unwind in the comfort of your home or garden with this awesome M-Spa Alpine Lite inflatable bubble spa. This product has a simple, yet effective black and silver finish which is designed to look great in your home, garden, patio or in the summerhouse. Black is of course a timeless colour, which never seems to go out of fashion – this should easily match your existing garden decor.

You should notice the unique square shape of the Alpine spa, which feature a very quiet technology for the premium relaxation experience. Size-wise the hot tub is 158cm long on the sides providing enough space to sit comfortably two to four people in 2+2 seating configuration, while the 108 powerful dynamic air jets release bubbles to surround, support and massage the body.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub

If you’re serious about owning an inflatable hot tube or spa – this product might be the one for you. You can now experience a taste of the Miami lifestyle right here in England with the Lay-Z-Spa Miami AirJet. This product has been designed to be able to inflate in under 5 minutes! You can also heat to 40 degree celsius and accommodate up to 4 people – doesn’t get much better than that does it?

In addition this item requires no professional installation or tools. Just a flat surface. It also includes state-of-the-art Ground Detection System for extra safety and ‘ChemConnect’ keeping your spa’s water clean and safe. The Lay-Z-Spa Miami includes rejuvenating AirJet Massage System – an invigorating massage system consisting of 81 all-surrounding AirJets that encircle the perimeter of the floor.

WAVE Spas Atlantic Inflatable Hot Tub

There’s never been a better and easier time to purchase an item such as the WAVE Atlantic Inflatable Hot Tub. It has been designed with the family in mind. This item is child friendly and features a safe cover too. You should notice the ‘Child Safe Locking Clips’ for protective cover to ensure the spa is locked away safe. Keys are included to lock the clips as standard so only an adult can open them!

For the ultimate in relaxation this spa is powered by a 30W air compressor, the pump bubbles for 10 minutes at a time though its 110 Bubble Jets. However that’s not all…. The control panel lets you easily change your preferences whilst in the hot tub. This item has been designed to easily fits 2 to 4 people with a 750L capacit. We also liked its rigid and sturdy and has an anti-cold, laminated fabric fibre for use in all environments.

Wido Round Inflatable Spa Hot Tub

Who couldn’t love a product such as this? After a hard days work you can come home to relax and unwind in the comfort of your home or garden with the Wido inflatable spa. This item has a modern and contemporary all black finish, which is intended to look great in your property. This hot tub has enough space for 4 people to sit comfortably, whilst the 300 powerful dynamic air jets release bubbles to surround, support and massage the body.

Did you know this affordable value inflatable spa is made from a tough 6-layer reinforced PVC material for maximum durability. It also features a ‘smart inflation system’ with manometer to allow for quick and simple assembly. We liked the built-in control panel which has been designed for easy, user friendly spa operation, with buttons to allow you to switch the air jets on, activate the filter function, activate the heater and adjust the temperature.

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Hot Tub

6-8 Person Hot Tub – Ideal if you have a large family or entertain people for parties and gatherings. This product has been designed for space for up to 8 people, the Monaco AirJet is the biggest hot tub in the Lay-Z-Spa range and an ideal social spa. It’s extremely easy to setup and highly durable with a ground-breaking ‘drop stitch construction’.

We’re please to say that the Monaco will quickly heat the water to a lovely temperature of up to 40°C for your bathing / relaxation pleasure. You can also simultaneously run the Lay-Z-Massage function and the rapid heating system – thus ensuring that relaxation is achieved at all times. This dual operate heating system strikes the perfect blend of warmth and relaxing bubbles – what more could you ask for?

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub

5-7 Person – If you love the spas in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland then this traditional Nordic hot tub which has been inspired by that region may be the ideal item for you. The all-Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki AirJet brings in a new-revolution in inflatable hot tub technology. This product has an innovative Freeze Shield so the Helsinki AirJet is equipped for year-round, for all-weather use. From warm English summer evenings to dark, cold and icy winter nights – if you want you can experience this amazing hot tub in all conditions.

If you love to have friends and family over to your property, or you may host a lot of parties – this item has been designed for up to 7 people. Who can now enjoy the laid back surroundings of the Helsinki AirJet thanks to its lovely soft, insulated floor that spans 1.7m and an good water capacity of 1,123L (80% full). To get things really interesting all you need to do is touch a button, you can then surround yourself with thousands of therapeutic bubbles and experience an intense full-body massage thanks to the powerful integrated 87 AirJet system.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED Lights

4-6 Person Spa – Relax in ultimate comfort with 87 all-surrounding AirJets, sturdy I-Beam construction and unique multi-colour LED lighting system. You can heat up to 40 degree Celsius thanks to the thermostatically regulated pump, meaning you, your family and friends can have a superb time throughout the year.

Transform the lighting of this product to match your mood with the Multicolour LED Lighting System, meaning it can make a fantastic party / event spa. Simply use the wireless remote you can easily cycle through the seven colours or set them to auto colour change mode too.