Learn the Best Words in Marketing

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A lot of marketing is simple a psychological process, which exploits on people’s emotions, fears, hopes and dreams. Apart from imagery, a lot of people react to the type of words you use in your marketing campaigns, certain words entice people, while others create strong reactions.

Many of the words we use in life have been developed over hundreds and thousands of years, this means we have strong connotations to them. As a marketer or a business owner, if you can tap into this phycological element, you can easily get people to do things you want.

From increasing sales, driving interactions and engagement, the words you use are powerful for many businesses and companies across the world. Why do you think many companies have a slogan? Because the words they use are just as important as a logo.

Here’s an example of some of the strongest words in marketing, which you can use as part of your next campaign:

YOU – Marketing is all about you, the consumer, after all without customers how can a business be successful? Its always recommended to use the word You on all promotional campaigns and literature – as it firstly grabs people’s attention and secondly resonates with them on a subconscious level.

FREE – Who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether that’s free shipping on their next order or a free gift. Everybody loves to receive free things, and in many cases, they usually remember the free stuff more than the product they’ve purchased!

SECRET – Everyone wants something no one else knows about, this can be anything from tricks and tips, to your latest sale event.

BECAUSE – Because is a powerful word as it immediately puts you in a position of authority, you can easily show your customers and clients why they need your products and services because…. And you fill in the blank.

RISK-FREE – Risk-free can be a great word to use in your marketing campaign as it can make the consumer feel more secure giving you their money. It also displays a notion of trust and confidence in your product and services. For example, if you’re offering a risk-free product you must be confidence its been produced to high standards, from a customer point of view, they subconsciously relate the phrase risk-free to the fact the product isn’t going to have any issues or problems.

DON’T MISS – In the modern world, everybody seems to think they’re missing out on something. Some people may relate this to the emergence of social media and the perceived ideas that their friends and family are doing more interesting things than they are, when in fact this isn’t true. However, you can use this to your advantage, simply capitalise on the fear of people missing out

EASY – No wants to deal with hassle, especially not when they have used their money to buy a product or service. Take any issues out of the equation and make your customers life easy from start to finish.

LIMITED TIME – Using the phrase Limited Time can create a sense of urgency, meaning your target audience will hopefully purchase quickly before your deal or discount ends. Many companies use Limited Time to great effective and it can work across various industries and sectors throughout the world. In your next marketing campaign, experiment with using Limited Time and evaluate its response with your target audience.

INSTANTLY – With the creation and popularity of the internet, everybody want’s everything right now. If we can talk and communicate with people across the other side of the world at the click of a button, many of your customers will potentially respond well to using the world Instantly in your marketing. As it promises a quick payoff for their time and money

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