Learn the Lies Customers Tell You…. and how to get ahead of your rivals

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Do you want to learn the lies customers tell you? Get ahead of your competition with some of these fantastic selling tips….

Being a sales professional or business owner can be challenging at the best of times, customers can sometimes feel that the person their interacting with, cannot be trusted – for whatever reason that may be. This means they tell white lies to avoid purchasing an item, but as a sales professional how can you get the upper hand in this situation? Well, believe it or not, it isn’t as hard as you may think.

Here are some of the most common lies customers may tell you, and ways you can handle the situation to your advantage:

  • Just Looking – Just Looking is arguably one of the most common responses you’ll hear from a potential customer, this is typically a response to a first greeting, it basically is telling the sales professional that the customer doesn’t need your help.

    You can easily turn this situation to work in your favour – when a customer says, “I’m just looking,” to you, simply answer, “That’s great we have lots to look at including our newest product over here” and then leave them.

    Once you see them pick something up, you can then return and try to build a common understanding. Blasting them with items without having first built basic relationship could make them angry and simply walk away.
  • We Can’t Afford It – We can’t afford it, is another classic line many customers may use, typically people who don’t have money don’t go shopping, you should always keep this in mind – whether they’re purchasing using cash or on credit, they’re shopping for a reason.

    As a business owner, marketer or sales professional, your goal is to help them see that by not purchasing a certain product, they are making their life more difficult, not easier. You must give them the product features and benefits throughout the sale to show them that this product is the best buy for their needs and requirements.
  • I Have to Ask… – I have to ask my husband, or I have to ask my wife is another common white lie many customers may use. This normally happens towards the end of the process, usually when a sale is close to being completed – this ultimately means they’re not the decision maker and may not trust the information you’ve gave them, hence they’re looking for a trusted second opinion.

    However, on the contrary it can also work the other way too, if you’ve built a strong relationship with the customer but they really do have to ask their husband or wife, you’ve equipped them with a bullet-list of reasons that purchasing this product is a smart decision. As you can see, I have to ask my husband or wife can be tricky and does depend on the situation.
It’s Too Expensive – It’s too expensive basically means you’re overpriced, or the customer has seen a better product or service which is cheaper with a competitor. However, this can be a trap, so the customer has an advantage over you. Remember they’re trying to get you to lower your price, but price doesn’t make something a good value, people and their needs do.

For example, you could purchase a basic car to travel around your local city, however some people like to buy sports cars, at the end of the day they both travel on the same roads and adhere to the same speed limits. Yes, obviously the sports car has connotations of luxury and lifestyle, but that’s reflected in the price. People don’t need to purchase a sports car when a basic car does pretty much the same thing, however they buy a luxury car because of their needs, greed and sometimes ego.

Remember not every interaction with a customer is going to lead into a sale, we have good days and bad days, if you sometimes feel like things aren’t going well for you – have a break to clear your head. Hopefully the information in this section has given you an advantage when attempting to close your next sale and has increased your odds by potentially turning your customers excuses into your next sales opportunity.

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