LinkedIn Etiquette – MUST KNOW Tips and Tricks to win online

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If you want to perform well on LinkedIn, you’ll need to portray a professional and cultured image of yourself and your company. After all LinkedIn now has over 500 million members, with over 50% logging into the platform on a daily basis. As you can see this could be a huge opportunity to market your products and services to your target audience.

Unlike the real world where basic standards have been set for centuries, social media etiquette can be quite complicated, after all the internet is extremely young and what is and isn’t right can vary massively.

Generally, you should follow these simple etiquette tips:

Have a professional headshot – This is extremely important on many social networks, after all nobody can see you in person, so your headshot needs to convey all sorts of messages which relates to your target audience. They say an image says a thousand words and that’s certainly true, but do you want a thousand positive words or one thousand negative words? Remember a professional headshot usually consists of a white background, with a nice clean smile looking directly at the camera. You should also wear suitable attire for your industry, such as a shirt and tie.

Respond promptly – There’s nothing worse than sending a message to somebody and it takes days to receive a reply. If you’re using LinkedIn for marketing and business purposes, remember to log on every day if you can. You never know what person might be attempting to contact you, and when they do remember to respond promptly in a professional manner.

Send a welcome message – Who doesn’t love to receive a nice welcome message, this can be ideal for many people in an array of industries across the world. A good welcome message can be the perfect starting point to create a fruitful conversation, remember to ask something which prompts the other person to give you a reply.

Post content regularly – There’s nothing worse than following somebody who doesn’t post on a regular basis, particularly if you find that person interesting. Remember you’re not going to build up a loyal following without regular content, so attempt to post at least once or twice a week to keep people coming back to your profile.

Introduce people – Introducing people to new contacts can be excellent for you, after all they’ll most likely return the favour. By introducing two people you know, it also expands your own network at same time – meaning their more likely to introduce you to their contacts. From this you’ll soon have a wider network of people available to you than you had at the start, give it a try and watch how it works for you.

Keep it professional – It goes without saying you should always keep your manners and content professional, both online and in real life. Remember you’re not just representing yourself, you’re also representing your business or the company you work for.

Linkedin Tips

If you want to keep a good reputation on LinkedIn, you should follow these simple etiquette tips:

Don’t send spammy messages – No body wants to spammed with messages, whether that’s on LinkedIn or another platform. Remember in many cases spamming potential customers and contacts isn’t going to portray you or your business in a good light.

Don’t lock down your profile – Although people like to keep their profile private and privacy is of course a concern, if you’re attempting to market your business or products then locking down your profile isn’t going to help you in the long term. After all you want as many people as possible to see what you do and what you sell, so open up your profile so people can interact and engage with you more easily.

Don’t add connections to your email list – You should always ask permission to add connections to your email list, after all you wouldn’t like to receive an unsolicited email from somebody you met on a social networking website. Be professional and always ask permission beforehand, in most cases the majority of people will say yes anyway, but asking permission is always the correct thing to do.

Don’t ask people you don’t know to endorse you – Remember LinkedIn is about building your network and potential contacts, this means you should at least nurture a relationship with the people you’re interacting with before asking them to do something for you. Of course, as time progresses you can ask people to endorse you, but in most cases it’s better if they do that on their own accord. After all, if you provide an excellent service or products, you should be getting endorsements as standard.

Don’t criticise others – It can be easy to see a mistake in somebody else, however we all have made mistakes, as none of us are perfect. To keep a professional image and reputation on LinkedIn don’t criticise others, even if you want too. The most professional people keep out of small arguments and disagreements, this stands themselves in good stead in the long term.

Hopefully some of these LinkedIn etiquette tips will help you to grow your profile and presence on the network. Remember to keep a professional image at all times, be polite and act in the same manner as you would offline. Equally, you should also remember to treat other people as you want to be treated, being friendly and helpful can make you go a long way, so use it to your advantage.

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