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Searching for a Monthly Budget Planner in the UK in February 2019?

By Phillip Gray
Founder and Editor
UK Budget PlannerIf you find yourself over-stretched at the end of each month, then this superb Monthly Budget Planner may be ideal for you!

Simply enter all of your outgoings below and let this free tool tell you how much you're spending, the percentage of your spend and where you could potentially make savings!

Of course, everybody has a unique set of circumstances to deal with, as many people feel the pinch in their wallets and purses across the country, cutting out any excess spending could really make a difference to your overall budget. Remember understanding your spending habits is always a good thing to keep your bank balance in the black and not in the red. So what are you waiting for?
Enter your Monthly income after taxes:
Select the period of time:

Fixed Expenditure
Category Amount ( £ ) % of Wage
Rent / Mortgage
Council Tax
TV License
Food Shopping
Optional Expenditure
Category Amount % of Wage
General Expenses
TV Package
Internet / Phone
Mobile Phone
Category Total Amount %
Fixed Expenditure
Optional Expenditure
Savings Leftover (Per Month)

You've gone over budget!

Clear your budget planner to start afresh:

* Please Note this Budget Planner Calculator is to be used as an 'estimate' only.

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