Amazon Selling Tips for Small Business Owners

By | Last Updated: 29th May 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the primary marketplaces for businesses to sell their products on, after all Amazon Prime alone boasts over 54 million members and counting. It’s also stated that 55% of all online product searches begin on Amazon.

Amazon’s domination offers an upside that is being lucrative for savvy ecommerce owners who have figured out how to make Amazon work for them and their needs. Here’s some selling tips that you should keep in mind to improve your performance:


Arguably your review score is one of the most important metrics on Amazon, people ultimately buy products that have the most reviews. As humans we’re wired to fall back on a pack or herd mentality when we’re unsure about something.

Having a lot of positive reviews simply confirms in our brains that the product must be good – otherwise people won’t have purchased it. Remember, the frequency and overall number of reviews you get will help Amazon determine your ranking on their category pages.

Product Page

Amazon’s algorithm is simpler than search engines, however you still need to optimise your product pages. This means you need to write SEO friendly content, do your keyword research as well as competitor research. You should also have high-quality images to help with conversion rates.

It’s important to remember that Amazon’s ranking factors help to determine which products it shows, this means you need to concentrate on the title, subtitle, description, questions and answers – all of this matters. Equally a good idea is to use Amazon’s Keyword Tool to optimise your copy around long-tail keywords that are less competitive.

Think Big

Even if your products are selling well on Amazon, you should also think about promoting them off their website too.

Think about getting in contact with social influencers who have a large following, video content on YouTube and if possible, getting your products featured in an established press and magazines. You can also drive visitors to your Amazon products by using forum sites, Facebook Groups and other social media profiles.


Of course pricing matters, however, may not be as important as you think. Generally speaking, in most industries it’s a race to the bottom, this means you end up selling more products in volume, but actually make less money – hence you become a busy fool.

You need to ensure your bringing customer value to all the items you sell, focus on high levels of customer service, dispatching orders quickly and so on. That will not only help for your reviews, but it will give your target audience a reason to purchase from you, rather than the competition. If you want to compete on price, the best way to drive additional sales on Amazon is by using a repricing tool to fight for and win, the buy box.

Be Niche

Arguably the best way to win on Amazon is having a niche product, while this can be the product itself, you can also create unique offers by bundling products together in a way your competitor can’t.

This means your new bundled item will actually be listed as a unique product, meaning you’re the only seller who’s selling it. Remember a single product listing with 10 sellers means that sellers can only really differentiate themselves by price alone – as you can see the bundling idea makes you stand out and hopefully increases your sales at the same time.

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) can be a profitable and effective way for sellers to market their products directly to Amazon users. This is basically advertising your products on Amazon itself. The key advantages of this service provided by Amazon through Seller Central include advertisements which are highly targeted and visible.

You only pay per click and not based on the number of impressions, you gain access to advertising campaign data, you have the ability to optimize your campaigns based on the data you receive. Of course advertising costs money, however if you have a budget, then this option could be a good idea if you’re new to the platform and are attempting to build momentum.

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