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Professional Marketing Expert with extensive experience within traditional and digital marketing, business and e-commerce. Also proficient with several coding languages, web development and more. Equally this is re-enforced through over ten years of experience plus a UK university degree - educational accomplishments include being awarded prestigious accolades such as Best Dissertation Award and Citation Awards.
Hierarchy-of Effects

Marketing – Hierarchy of Effects Model

The Hierarchy of Effects Model was originally created in 1961 by Robert J Lavidge and Gary A Steiner. This marketing model was...

Copywriting – How to Make It Look Easy

For some writing copy is the easiest thing in the world to do, for others it can literally be as bad as pulling teeth,...
Social Media Content Ideas

Social Media Content Ideas – Cheatsheat

If you’re wanting to run a high-quality marketing campaign on a social media network, you’ll need a lot of content ideas to keep...
Loyalty Ladder

What is the Loyalty Ladder? – Marketing Theory

The loyalty ladder can be an important marketing tactic for many companies across the world, typically, you’ll find it being used in supermarkets or...
Email Drip Campaigns

Email Drip Campaigns

Email marketing has been popular for over two decades and shows no sign of slowing down. Sending out emails can be a great...
Customer Acquisition Journey

Get More Customers: The Customer Acquisition Journey

Getting more customers in your business is a journey, that applies for companies across the world, in all sorts of different sectors and industries....
Website Tricks

Website Tricks Which Will BOOST Your Sales

Are you looking to sell more products? How much testing are you currently undertaking on your website? Is it user friendly? Is it...
Diffusion of Innovation Model

Diffusion of Innovation Model – Marketing Theory

The Diffusion of Innovation Model helps businesses and marketers to understand how a buyer engages with new products over a period of time. Businesses...
Call to Action Marketing

Call to Action Marketing – Best Words and Phrases

A lot of the time marketing is simply about getting to the mind of your potential customer or wider target audience. By using...
Ecommerce Dynamic Pricing

Ecommerce Dynamic Pricing

In the modern era, customers have become more savvy, with so many retailers online they can easily click away from your website and shop...