Best Aerobeds UK – Top List 2020 – What Air Bed should you purchase in July 2020?

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Are you shopping for a New Air Bed and are considering an Aerobed in July 2020? You may be purchasing for yourself or even for a family member of friend staying over?

Air Beds can be great for guests and even can be used in caravans, camping, statics, chalets and so on! The choice and usage is nearly endless. Please bear in mind that the following list of products is in ‘no particular order’, equally any item highlighted on this webpage is purely an ‘opinion’. Of course it’s always recommended that you conduct your own research to find the best item which suits your needs and budget!

Who are Aerobeds?

As a company AeroBeds officially started in 1992 and are currently based in Bristol, South-West England. With over 20 years of experience, they’re one of the country’s leading brands in premium inflatable air beds. In their range of air beds you will find single, double and king mattresses as well as raised airbed models which provide maximum comfort.

Every product they produce combines premium materials with the latest technology and expertise. Did you know? In 2010 a union of two world-leading manufactures took place and AeroBed was acquired by Coleman, the world’s leading company in camping gear.

Aerobed Airbed Single

Check out this inflatable air mattress which has been designed and manufactured with a high comfort level. It also offers enough space for one adult and has a built-in electric pump (mains operated).

This item could be suitable for caravans, motor homes or use as a spare guest bed at home. Did you know it’s easy to set up, the electric pump for the airbed ensures a quick inflation in less than 1 minute! After you’ve used it, this item simply can be rolled up and stored compactly in durable carry bag for easy transport and storage.

AeroBed Active Bed

This product is a mattress high single outdoor bed which inflates in around 60 seconds. It’s really easy to pump the bed up, simply pump it a few hours before you want to use it and pump it up firmly again before you go to sleep. Did you know there’s a rechargeable cordless pump for inflation included as standard – from mains supply or 12 V car charger.

Inside of this item the coil system ensures a stable even sleeping surface which should be great for yourself, a friend staying over, a family member and so on.

Aerobed Airbed Platinum Raised

If you’re looking for that little bit of comfort and style, this fantastic Platinum Air Bed could be the one for you. This inflatable bed offers enough space for two adults. It has been designed to be quick and simple to inflate, and features an integrated, powerful, flat panel pump that plugs conveniently into the mains power.

Equally you should also notice this item has a 100% cotton, quilted, machine washable mattress cover for added comfort and a box pleat valance. When not in use, the item can be stored compactly in its carry bag, which is great for when space is limited.

Aerobed Airbed Sleepsound

Different Sizes Available – If you have someone staying over; such as friends or family coming to visit, you may be having a kids sleepover or even a night away from home. Whatever the reason is this AeroBed Sleepsound Air Mattress might be ideal for your needs.

With fast inflation this product features a powerful mains operated built-in pump (included as standard), it also has a faster deflation thanks to the whoosh valve. For your own peace of mind this product has been made from a robust PVC material, inside of the item it features an enhanced coil construction which provides a stable and robust sleeping surface for enhanced comfort and support during the night. Please click on the link below for the latest stock availability and to order today.

Aerobed Raised Double Bed

If you’re looking for a guest bed that has been designed and manufactured with the latest comfort enhancing technology, this item could be ideal for you. An AeroBed instantly turns any room into a comfortable bedroom, use the super fast inflation in less than 3 minutes with the powerful mains operated built-in pump (included) and even faster deflation.

This product offers enough space for two persons, it has been constructed from robust PVC material and features an advanced coil and layer construction which provides a robust sleeping surface.

Aerobed Fast Deflation Outdoor Inflatable Bed available in Beige

Check out this nice King size raised height bed which can be used for outdoor purposes if required. This item has been fitted with a hands-free electric pump, that fully inflates the Comfort in less than 3 minutes. It has also been made with a cross channel construction for even air distribution and support while you sleep.

Equally this item supports up to 295Kg in weight and features the fantastic AeroBed patented Whoosh(TM) Valve that allows super fast deflation in seconds to work! If you would like to find out more please click on the link below now!

Air Bed Luxury Collection Raised

As a single air mattress you should find that this product has a high comfort level and offers enough space for one adult with an easy-to-use built-in electric pump.

In addition it has been manufactured with antimicrobial treatment that protects the velvety flocked sleeping surface and ensures health and hygiene protection even while in storage. Equally this item has quick inflation/deflation in less than 3 minutes and as a guestbed can easily be rolled up and stored compactly in a durable carry bag for easy transport and storage.

AeroBed Quilted Foam Topper

Do you need something with a little more detail? Why not consider this nice Quilted Foam Topper with built-in pump. This item has an anti-microbial treated sleep surface which is intended to resist odor, mold, mildew and fungus.

Did you realise that the pressure indicator on the pump lights up when your mattress is full? Equally another great feature of this item is the removable quilted foam top that provides the ultra-soft feel of a traditional bed. If this type of product interests you and you would like to order today for quick home delivery, please click on the link below.