Call to Action Marketing – Best Words and Phrases

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A lot of the time marketing is simply about getting to the mind of your potential customer or wider target audience. By using certain words and phrases you can easily make customers act, whether on an impulsive level or through emotion and general human nature.

Remember the whole point of call to action elements is to create an immediate response from the person reading or hearing it, many business owners leave calls to action out of their marketing materials usually because they believe that the customer already knows what to do if they’re interested in learning more or are concerned that calls to action are intolerable.

In reality, leaving call to actions out can mean losing money for the business. Calls to action are essential in directing a customer to the next step of the sales funnel or process. It is important for a business’s not to assume that the target audience automatically knows what is expected of them. Calls to action work best when they’re not complicated. Don’t make your potential clients and customers go through a maze or jump through hoops.

When creating a printed piece or designing a website or email marketing campaign, it is recommended to differentiate the call to action by making it bigger, using a different colour, and outlining it to make it stand out from the rest of the content.

Like many other marketing tactics, you’ll need to test different options of call to action wording and phrases, so you can see which are giving you maximum results.

Firstly, let’s explore some call to action elements which highlights exclusivity, this is designed to make your target audience feel special. You may use words and phrases such as:

  • Secrets
  • Members only
  • Access
  • Special Offer
  • Exclusive
  • Limited supply
  • Only a few left
  • Pre-order
  • Invitation only
  • Featured

Equally, depending on your marketing campaign you may need to appeal directly to your audience. You may use words and phrases such as:

  • Me
  • My
  • You
  • Your
  • Safe
  • New
  • Because
  • Risk-Free
  • Guarantee
  • Warranty

Another good element of call to action, is simply using them as Starting Words, such as:

  • Join
  • Free
  • Try
  • Find
  • Discover
  • Save
  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Build
  • Stop
  • Start
  • Download
  • Get

A lot of marketers and companies use call to action to create sense of urgency, this type of marketing can increase sales in many different industries. You may use words and phrases such as:

  • New
  • Deadline
  • Expires Soon
  • Offer ends on
  • Only available to
  • Only X days left
  • Ends
  • Hurry
  • Don’t miss out
  • Instant
  • Today Only
  • Limited Time
  • Ends Tomorrow
  • Don’t Delay
  • Free Delivery
  • Last Chance

Remember Call to Actions act as the link between your company and the customer. Good call to actions improve customer engagement, grow web traffic and eventually result in more conversions and sales.

Many businesses and companies forget that call to actions are not just limited to the selling process, they can be ideal for wide areas of their marketing campaigns. Think of an email subject line, this needs to be a call to action for your audience to click through. The same can be said for a product title or even a social media post. If you keep in mind that you should use call to actions throughout your content, then your engagement and conversions should increase accordingly.

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