Copywriting – How to Make It Look Easy

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For some writing copy is the easiest thing in the world to do, for others it can literally be as bad as pulling teeth, copywriting is a skill every sales person / marketer and business owner should be familiar with, if you can write compelling copy you’re half way there to winning new customers.

So, what is copy? Copywriting is a form of writing for advertising and marketing, the copy (words) is meant to persuade a customer into buying a product, service or influencing their beliefs.

Historically a copywriter would be employed at an advertising agency, newspapers, magazines, public relations firms or internally at a large organisation, ultimately a copywriter is responsible for telling a story which resonates with the viewer or reader and produces an emotional response.

This could be anything from reading a leaflet then purchasing a product to seeing an advert and thinking differently about a brand, since the emergence of the Internet there has been more demand for high quality copywriters as new formats have emerged such as web content, ads, SEO, emails, blogs and social media.

In general, a good copy acts as a “funnel” to progress your customers through a tight and thorough sales process which doesn’t give them any reason or opportunity to click away or walk away. Like painting a picture, copywriting isn’t something you can just learn, you have to practice a lot to become really skilled, however to help you along the way on your journey, I’m now going to share with you some of the most important copywriting tricks and tips you could ever know.

When writing an excellent piece of copy half of the battle can be won or lost in how easy or hard the message your conveying appears to your customer or reader. It can be highlighted that if people hate to do something it’s usually because it appears long, boring or complex, whereby if they like to do something it’s because it’s easy, quick and simple.Go back to basics, generally humans will go to great lengths for the “easy option”, so highlight your product or service in this manner.

For Example: Your customer needs to go to the garage to get their car fixed, and they HATE the garage, so what will they have to do?

1) Search online or in a phone book for a garage number
2) Ring the garage or garages
3) Ask for quotes for the work
4) Accept a quote from one garage
5) Drive the car to the garage
6) Go into town or wait until the car is fixed
7) Pay for the repair work
9) Drive away

On the contrary, your customer LOVES to go to the garage and follows a simple and easy process:

1) Ring the garage
2) Take the car in to be repaired (they love anything mechanical)
3) Pay and drive away (job done!)

Sometimes it isn’t about what your selling, whether that’s the most complicated thing in the world or the easiest, it’s how you present what you’re selling to your customer, make your copy, fun, exciting and standout. Make your customer want to ring you, following this method will not only increase sales, it should make the whole process much more simpler and effective.

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