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If you’re wanting to run a high-quality marketing campaign on a social media network, you’ll need a lot of content ideas to keep your audience interested. After all, people generally lead busy lives, with so much information and technology it can be hard to keep their concentration for long periods of time – this is where exciting and engaging content comes into play.

Typically, it’s recommended to create a content calendar to post certain content, on certain days. This can align and coincide with events such as Valentines day, Easter, Black Friday and so on. You’ll typically need to plan ahead of your marketing campaign, so you have enough content to keep going.

Of course, lots of businesses fall into the trap of simply following generic ideas which everyone seems to use, in many cases this will not get your company or products know, equally it will be extremely difficult for you to stand out at all.

Your content needs to showcase your company’s personality, whatever that may be, it needs to differentiate yourself from your competition and keep your business and your products and services in the minds of your potential customers.

So how can you do that? It can be hard to find new ideas and each industry will have different sets of requirements and needs. Here’s some great content finding ideas to help you on your way to a successful marketing campaign:

Internet Research – It goes without saying that the internet can be a fantastic resource for finding new ideas, remember you don’t always have to promote your products and services to your target audience, if you’re wanting to increase engagement or general interaction, the internet gives you a huge array of topics you’re target audience could be interested in. This can be anything from world news, hobby’s, sharing helpful tips and so on. Many marketers use online forums, messaging boards, Twitter, Pinterest and more to find loads of new ideas for their marketing efforts and you can do the same too.

Competitor News – You should always keep track of your competition, this means keeping an eye on what they’re doing, you can see what type of products and services they’re offering and let your customers know you’re doing it better, quicker and in some cases cheaper. Keeping an eye on your competition can even alert you to new marketing channels you never thought existed, for example if you see them promoting or highlighting their products in a certain way month after month, it’s obviously working for them, so it should work for you too.

Customer Testimonials – Of course one of the best forms of marketing is still word of mouth, having customer testimonials can be a fantastic way to find new content ideas. For example, somebody may have purchased your product for a certain event, you can use this to market the item to a whole new audience. Asking for feedback from customers is a key element which successful businesses do, you never know what type of information you may find out.

National News – There’s always lots going on in the news, sometimes this can help your company. For example, there’s lots of content surrounding global warming, you may own a company which is eco-friendly or sell products which help the environment. This type of content can easily resonate well to your target audience, align your products and services with national news stories for maximum and relevant impact.

Employees – Yes even your employees can be a great source of content, particularly for social media networks. Make your business or company more human with a friendly face and a warm smile. For example, you could have a certain member of your team perform product demonstrations in videos, you can easily produce content for this type of marketing and your customers will get to know your team and the culture of your company at the same time. You could even plan content on certain days such as “Mark Mondays” or “Sarah Saturdays” and so on.

Survey Results – You don’t have to carry out your own surveys to find information, for lots of businesses you’ll be able to find industry-related surveys and focus groups conducted by third parties. This happens all the time and if applicable it can be a good idea to speak to the recognised body or association of your industry for access to these results. This can identify changes in consumer habits, emerging market trends and general feelings about your industry in general.

Marketing Materials – It’s always a good idea to browse through flyers, brochures, newsletters and so on you receive. Particularly local news items and events can be a great source of content for your business and its products. This allows you to gauge the general feeling in your local region, where you can work out a strategy to target customers more easily. For example, let’s say you’re a security company, in the houses near the town centre there has been a 30% increase in home robberies, from this information you can easily target these homeowners for a potential sales increase in your business.

Tradeshows – Tradeshows are important to many industries and sectors throughout the world, you should always attend tradeshows even if you’re not attending as a stall holder. Simply being a visitor can give you a whole host of content ideas, keep hold of the tradeshow booklet you receive when you walk in, this is normally packed with content that’s relevant and up-to-date.

Social Media Comments – Of course as the internet has become a major element in most people’s lives, social media is now a primary channel for most customer service. This means the comments and reviews you may get on your social media profiles can be full of excellent information you can use. Don’t simply skip over the comments and move along with your day, it can be a great idea to evaluate your comment sections at least once a week to find new information you may not have thought about.

Press Releases – Apart from your own press releases, you need to be reading the press releases of your competitors and the wider industry you’re operating within. They might be a fantastic new product on the market, a change in market trends and so on. Press releases can offer a valuable array of content which you can gauge and use to your advantage.

Customer Questions – How many questions do customers ask your business? Are you getting asked the same type of questions on a daily basis? If you are, then you may want to consider creating content to address the issues or problems your customers are facing. You could easily create a helpful how-to video, a blog post or even a frequently asked questions section. Customer questions can be a great place to find content which is relevant to your target audience and your business.

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