One Month of Instagram Content – Marketing Ideas

By | Last Updated: 19th June 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

If you’re running out of content ideas for your Instagram account, I’ve created a high-quality monthly planner which tells you exactly what type of content to post on each day of the month.

Instagram can be an amazing platform for many businesses throughout the world, so don’t discount it even if you’re not sure whether it will fit into your wider marketing campaign strategy.

OK, let’s take a closer look at the content:

  • On day 1, share a popular product or service your company wants to promote

  • On day 2, post an inspirational quote which will appeal to your target audience

  • On day 3, share a behind-the-scenes video or photos of your office or workday

  • On day 4, ask a question which your customers can reply to

  • On day 5, share a client feedback / testimonial to re-enforce trust and loyalty in your company

  • On day 6, share one of your favourite books or movies to generate engagement

  • On day 7, highlight a benefit of one of your products and services

  • On day 8, share a fun fact about your business or yourself

  • On day 9, tell your target audience one thing you can’t live without

  • On day 10, promote an up-and-coming event, such as a new product launch

  • On day 11, tell your audience what you’re currently working on

  • On day 12, share a discount code to your follows

  • On day 13, post a snapshot of something in your business history, maybe the first day you opened

  • On day 14, tell your audience what inspires you

  • On day 15, share an inspiring quote

  • On day 16, promote one thing you can’t live without

  • On day 17, introduce your favourite product or service, which you currently offer

  • On day 18, post a picture of your favourite drink or food

  • On day 19, highlight any product promotions you have at the moment

  • On day 20, ask your audience a question

  • On day 21, post a sneak peak of something new you’re working on

  • On day 22, share any advice or tips to your followers

  • On day 23, tell your audience what song you’re currently listening to

  • On day 24, post a picture of what’s on your shelf at work

  • On day 25, share a link to a company or product video

  • On day 26, post a seasonal snapshot

  • On day 27, highlight a recent client project you worked on

  • On day 28, offer a giveaway

  • On day 29, post any current news or events

  • On day 30, promote a round up of the latest projects or products you’re selling

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