Paper Shredders for Home Use UK – January 2020 – Top 10 List you need to check out

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Are you looking for the Best Paper Shredders for Home Use in 2020? You may be needing a shredder to get dispose of your important documents, old credit cards, bank details and so on.

There’s quite a lot of different products on the market, this means it can be sometimes hard for you to know which one to buy. From portable shredders to heavy-use office items – this helpful guide should give you enough information to find the correct product for your requirements. Please remember that the following list of products is in ‘no particular order’, equally any item highlighted on this webpage is purely an ‘opinion’. 

Which Paper Shredder for Home Should you Buy?

You could be buying for yourself, for a friend or even a family member – whatever the reason is, you’ll find some excellent products at affordable prices on this page. Did you know? The design of paper shredder is well over 100 years old! The first one is credited to inventor Abbot Augustus Low, whose patent was filed on 2nd of February 1909 – interestingly his invention was never manufactured. It wasn’t until 1935 however, when Adolf Ehinger created a hand-crank pasta maker, he used this to shred paper and would later develop commercial versions we know today.

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Aibecy Portable Handheld Paper Shredder Cutter

Portable Handheld – This item could be the one for you, if you’re needing a portable handheld device. It has a lightweight design and is easy to carry around. This product could be great for shredding bank statements, receipts, checks, bills, envelopes, etc. It could easily be suitable for home, school, office environments and pretty much anywhere you can think of!

With a 110mm width entry slot this can shred easily A6 or folded A4 size. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries or USB cable, please note the batteries are not included as standard. Click below to order or for more info.

AmazonBasics 8 Sheet Strip Cut Shredder with CD Shred

Great Price – With an affordable price tag, this AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder with Basket could appeal to a wide range of the population. You can now easily shred all of your confidential information including paper documents, CDs, DVDs and credit cards.

This item has been designed so you can quickly shred multi-paged documents (8 pages at a time) – which means there’s no need to remove staples! If required you can use the reverse feature to clear paper jams and this item can be easily removed from the bottom wastebasket if needed. The strip-cut shredder will run continuously for two minutes before needing a 15-minute cool-down.

Special CD/DVD slot – Lift up the safety lid and feed CDs or DVDs in to the slot one at a time. Press the CD Destroyer/Reset button down. The blades will cut your disc in to four pieces. Doesn’t get much better than that does it? For more details or to order, please click on the button below now!

Fellowes Powershred 6C Personal 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder for Home Use

The Fellowes 6C can shred six A4 sheets per pass into 4 x 35 mm particles for secure shredding. Did you know? the patented ‘Safety Lock’ prevents the Fellowes 6C home paper shredder from accidentally being activated – which means its a great security feature for the home environment.

In addition this product has also been designed to be tough enough to cut through credit cards, paper clips and staples, whilst ensuring confidential documents are shredded into unreadable pieces. For disposal of your shredder paper waste, the 6C features a handy spacious 11 Litre bin!

Portable USB Mini Paper Shredder

This USB Paper Shredder could be a great must-have accessory on your desk at work or in your home. It is small in size and comes with a 1.15 meter USB cable. It turns letters, invoices and messages into 3mm wide paper strips in no time. There’s also an integrated letter opener which eliminates the need for owning a conventional one.

The switch on the lid has three positions: On, Off and Reverse in case you have changed your mind or the waste bin is full. The transparent bin has a capacity of 1.6l and should be emptied regularly.

Rexel Style+ 7 Sheet Manual Cross Cut Shredder for Home or Small Office Use

Various Sizes Available – There’s different sizes available for you to purchase at different prices. We’re going to look at the Rexel Style+ 7 Sheet cutter which has been designed for secure disposal of bank statements, utility bills and other personal or confidential documents/ It shreds an A4 sheet into approximate 400 4 x 23 mm pieces, for home or small office use.

There’s an auto start/stop and reverse function for clearing paper jams, it has a two minute continuous run period followed by cool-down period, removable 12 Litre bin for easy disposal. For more info please click on the link below.

Bonsaii 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Need a shredder which can do more sheets at once? If so, check out this cross-cut paper shredder with 12 sheets (A4 size 80gsm) shredding capacity. It has been manufactured to shreds paper into small particles measuring 4x40mm. This product will destroys paper, credit card, clips, staples, CD/DVD (one at a time) and will protect your privacy.

It has a standard 5-minute continuous running time with 45 minute cool time. Equally there’s also an auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams if needed. Also in the device is a nice 13-litre pull-out wastebasket capacity for easy emptying – you can easily see when it is full with the semi-window on the front. Click on the link below for the latest stock availability and delivery information to your area.

Bonsaii EverShred 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Up to 30 minutes continuous running time – Which has been designed to shred up to 3,500 sheets of paper (A4 size 80gsm), this item should easily fulfill your home or office needs. It has also been designed to be a 52dB ultra-low noise of operation and it has a jam protection system with auto start and auto reverse to protect you from the frustration of paper jams.

The shredding speed can reach to around 1.9m per minute and an 22cm entry slot can accept all letter and legal-sized documents. When shredding small material like envelops or receipts, please insert them through the middle of the feed opening.

Bonsaii 18-Sheet Paper Shredder

Check out this great shredder which has a continuous running time up to 60 minutes without stopping with advanced system and patented cutting technology. This cross-cut heavy duty shredder up to 18 sheets (A4 size 75g/m 2) at a single pass and shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 5mm x 40mm.

It has a 23 litre pull-out wastebasket capacity for less frequent and easy emptying, and the transparent window makes it easy to see when it is full. There’s also a auto start and auto reverse function protect you from the frustration of paper jams.

Fellowes Powershred M-8C 8 Sheet Cross Cut Personal Shredder With Safety Lock

The M-8C paper shredder can shred eight sheets per pass into 4 x 37 mm cross cut, so you can be sure that your confidential documents have been shredded securely in your home and no one can get your valuable data or info.

The M-8C personal paper shredder will shred continuously for up to five minutes before requiring a 30 minute cool down period, meeting demand for occasional use in the home. Fellowes are built to last, the paper shredders powerful cross-cut cutters will not only shred your documents into unreadable pieces, but it has been designed to shred staples, paper clips and credit cards too if needed.

AmazonBasics 10-12 Sheet Cross Cut Paper

If you’re needing a cross-cut paper shredder with 12-sheet capacity this item could be the one for you. It can destroy credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time). It’s been designed to shred paper into cross section strips measuring 0.56 by 4.68 cm.

Equally this item has a five minute continuous run time with 30 minute cool down time, there’s also an auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams too. With a nice design this product should look great in your home or office! If you want to buy this item, please click on the link below now!

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