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Are you looking for Paul McCartney Books? It might be for yourself, a friend, a co-worker or a family member. Paul McCartney books could be great for a secret santa item, stocking filler, christmas gift or birthday present.

We’ve brought together some of the best McCartney books on the market, the following list is in “no particular order” and all information was correct at the time of publication.

Who is Paul McCartney?

Sir James Paul McCartney MBE was born on 18th June 1942 is a singer/songwriter, who is best known as the bass guitarist and singer for the band the Beatles. His songwriting partnership with John Lennon remains the most successful in history. After the Beatles disbanded in 1970, he started a solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife, Linda, and Denny Laine.

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Paul McCartney: The Biography

The first biography written with McCartney’s approval and with access to family members and friends closest to him. In 2013, Sir Paul McCartney granted Philip Norman ‘tacit approval’ as his biographer. The result is a masterly and complex portrait of the most successful songwriter in history.

It gives a unique insight into McCartney’s childhood, blighted by the loss of his mother when he was fourteen, and into the creative symbiosis and fierce rivalry between John Lennon and himself that powered the Beatles’ music. Here, too, for the first time, is the full story of McCartney’s triumphant but troubled post-Beatles years: the tragic death of his first wife, Linda, and the chaotic divorce from his second wife, Heather Mills.

Conversations with McCartney

In June 1989 Paul Du Noyer was contacted by Paul McCartney’s office in London and asked to interview the star, as they had met once before and enjoyed a good rapport.

In the years that followed, Paul Du Noyer continued to meet, interview and work for Paul McCartney on a regular basis, producing magazine articles, tour programmes, album liner notes, press materials and website editorial. It’s likely that Du Noyer has spent more hours in formal, recorded conversation with McCartney than any other writer.

Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney

The living embodiment of The Beatles and a musical juggernaut without parallel, Paul McCartney is undoubtedly the patriarch of pop. In this authoritative biography, acclaimed author and journalist Howard Sounes creates the most accurate and extensive profile of McCartney ever built, leaving no stone unturned, and no shadow unexplored.

He is the torch-bearer of the Beatles – the greatest band in pop – and one of the most closely studied stars in show business. But surprises and secrets still linger in the life of Sir Paul McCartney.

Long and Winding Road: The Greatest Beatles Stories Ever Told

In Long and Winding Road, editor Luis Miguel curates the very best writing about the Beatles, from the mysterious death of original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe to the curious tale of the dentist who is trying to clone John Lennon from a tooth.

This collection brings together writing from all four Beatles, including Paul McCartney’s first-person account of an early gig where the Beatles played for Janice the Stripper in a Liverpool club. We also hear from contemporary music critics and fans who were there for some of the most amazing Beatles moments, such as their Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

Play Bass With the Beatles - arranged for 4 or 5-string bass with tab

Though Paul McCartney was undeniably integral and important member of the Beatles, often the diversity, skill and individuality of his bass-lines is overlooked. At a time when bass parts were mere accompaniments, he added a more melodic approach which contributed heavily to their sound.

Learn the nuts and bolts of ten of Paul McCartney’s bass parts from the note-for-note bass tab transcriptions, and play along with the specially recorded CD of Beatles backing tracks. The book features a host of timeless hits from A Hard Day’s Night to Ticket To Ride, all arranged to make you feel part of the band!

Paul McCartney: The Life

The definitive Paul McCartney biography, written with his approval by bestselling biographer Philip Norman.

Since the age of twenty-one, Paul McCartney has lived one of the ultimate rock-n-roll lives played out on the most public of stages. Now, Paul’s story is told by rock music’s foremost biographer, with McCartney’s consent and access to family members and close friends who have never spoken on the record before. PAUL MCCARTNEY reveals the complex character behind the façade and sheds new light on his childhood – blighted by his mother’s death but redeemed by the father who introduced him to music.

Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Beatles and the Paul Is Dead Hoax

In the fall of 1969, the story seemed to come out of nowhere. Was Beatle Paul McCartney dead? This was no ordinary death rumour. It was believed that McCartney had died years earlier and been replaced by a look alike. What’s more, the surviving Beatles were thought to have planted “clues” to his death on their record albums.

“Paul-Is-Dead” mania swept the United States as people attempted to solve the riddle of Paul’s alleged demise. How did all of this happen?

Paul McCartney: New

New contains all 15 songs from Paul McCartney’s 2013 album of the same name, arranged for piano, voice and guitar. This book includes the album’s title track, as well as the songs ‘Appreciate’, ‘Early Days’, ‘Save Us’ and more.

New (stylised as NEW) is the sixteenth solo studio album by Paul McCartney released on 14 October 2013 in the UK and the following day in the USA. The album was his first since 2007’s Memory Almost Full to consist entirely of new compositions.

The Unknown Paul McCartney: McCartney and the Avant-garde

For over three decades, Paul McCartney has initiated and participated in projects that have taken him far from the kind of music associated with the Beatles, Wings, and his career as a solo artist. From as far back as the mid-sixties, there have been experimental solo projects, both under his own name and incognito.

Among these are the Beatles’ legendary “Carnival of Light,” the Percy Thrillington diversion in the 70s, and the recent Fireman dance CDs—as well as less-publicized activities, all of which Ian Peel fully details here for the first time.

Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s

The most famous living rock musician on the planet, Paul McCartney is now regarded as a slightly cosy figure, an (inter)national treasure. Back in the 1970s, however, McCartney cut a very different figure.

He was, literally, a man on the run. Desperately trying to escape the shadow of the Beatles, he became an outlaw hippy millionaire, hiding out on his Scottish farmhouse in Kintyre before travelling the world with makeshift bands and barefoot children. It was a time of numerous drug busts and brilliant, banned and occasionally baffling records.

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