Photo Disclaimer

Just like any website, photos are a major part of the overall user experience. They help to convey a story, product or page more easily. We take seriously the rights of photographers and would like to explain how we use photos on this website.

Stock Photography

We use stock photography in many of our ‘articles, help guides, blog posts’ and so on. We pay for stock photos used on this website – we typically use royalty-free, worldwide rights photography which are non-editorial stock photos, so we don’t have to credit the author under the licencing terms and conditions.

Equally as we pay for usage of stock photos, we have all documentation / licence agreements available on request (should somebody need confirmation). We mainly use agencies such as Shutterstock, Freepik, Envato, Fotolia for our stock photos.

Creative Commons

On some occasions we may use creative common images, if we do they will always be credited to the author with full disclosure as stated by the terms of the creative commons license.

Affiliate Images

This website is part of many affiliate programs, this means we’re allowed to use product photos of the items we’re promoting / marketing. In some cases, the images you may see on this website are not ‘hosted’ on our server, they can be pulled using API from the affiliate’s own server.

Equally it’s not uncommon for affiliates such as ourselves to be able to use standard manufacturer photographs from the brands marketing / press department. Typically brands will provide such images for use by news outlets, review companies and so on.

If you have any questions or queries about how we use images on this website, please contact us for further details.