Best Gadget for Men Gifts - 2020 – Ultimate Comparison

Written by Sophie Sinclair | Last Updated: 11th May 2020 | This post may contain Affiliate Links *

Gadget for Men

Put a big smile on his face by purchasing one of these fantastic Gadgets for Men. You’ll find some great suggestions from robotics, handy tools, computer related presents and much more!

You may be purchasing a Gadget for men for their birthday, christmas, secret santa, anniversary and much more – they’re literally applicable to a wide range of occasions throughout the year! Please keep in mind this following list is an opinion, all products highlighted are in no particular order and all information was correct at the time of publication.

Gadget Gifts for Men UK – Top 10

There’s never been a better time in purchasing that super cool Gadget gift for him, after all men love their technology and gadgets – so you can easily give him a head-start on his mates with a cool item he’ll love. Did you know the actually term ‘gadget’ basically refers to a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Equally gadgets are sometimes called gizmos as well. Let’s take a look below at the Top Gadget Gifts for Men in 2020:

Please keep in mind that the following information is an opinion, equally all details on this page was correct at the time of publication:

1) Tiger Wrench Spanner - 48 in 1 Socket Wrench DIY Tools Works with Spline Bolts, 6-Point, 12-Point, Torx

Tiger Wrench Spanner

This is a multi-function wrench which has been uniquely designed to combine 48 tools into one and makes any repair/DIY job quick and simple! You can simply 'click' between the different sizes you instantly have the tool you need for the job! This item has been produced from CR-v carbon steel material, it's built to last and can be heavy used for years. You should notice the premium quality chrome plated with polish finished, easy to clean and anti-corrosion.

For those hard to reach nuts and bolts this item can easily click to a 45 degree angle to get a better access. The tool also has an excellent antiskid rubber handle which provides more ease of use in any aspect and also helps in increasing work efficiency. For more information about this product and to order today please click on the link below now.

2) Build Your Own Robot Arm

Build Your Own Robot Arm

Self Assembly Kit - The Build Your Own Robot Arm can be great for anyone who wants a technical challenge. Although simple to construct, building the robot arm is a good way to learn more about basic robot technology and control systems. With five motors for multi-directional control of five different joints, the robot arm features base rotation, shoulder, elbow and wrist motion as well as a functional gripping claw. The gripping claw also has an integrated LED spotlight for extra illumination of anything that you are going to pick up.

The five-way directional control allows the robot arm to grab, lift, position, lower and release items smoothly and efficiently. A wired remote controller gives the user complete control over all of these functions, and in addition to learning about robotic operation during the assembly process. Overall a really nice present for that special someone in your life.

3) iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers for PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers

Do you know someone who likes their music? If so these fantastic Dancing Fountain Speakers might be ideal for them. These set of speakers will connect to any 3.5 mm (earphone output) sound source or Bluetooth for certain models. Turn on the music on your sound source and the LEDs in the speakers light-up and the liquid shoots up and down (dances) in sync to the beat of the music. It is a stunning effect and brings a new dimension to enjoying your tunes.

This item is compatible with any device that has a 3.5 mm earphone socket. i.e. the majority of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, Macs, televisions, games consoles, iPods, MP3 players and so on.

4) Retro Handheld Games Consoles with 400 NES Classic FC Games

Retro Handheld Games Consoles with 400 NES Classic FC Games

Let someone you know re-live their youth with this fantastic retro Gameboy with a 3 Inch Colour Screen. This product is lightweight and weights around 150g meaning it can be with that special someone in their pocket, bag, on journeys, commutes and so on! Equally it can simply be used for enjoyment in the home.

This item has 400 Retro FC Games in 1 Console with more than 168 NES games. It has a 1000mAh rechargeable lithium big capacity battery designed for continuous use of more than 7+ hours. There is a video and audio output cable enabling you to connect the game consoles to a larger TV screen.

5) Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask - Built-in Speakers, Hands Free Calling, Etc

Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask

If you know someone that suffers from insomnia this item might be ideal for them, they can now sleep deeply anywhere at Anytime with true HD high fidelity sound featuring the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology that produces great sound quality. This item is designed to block light to make sleeping better and allows the sleeper to listen to music without wearing additional headphones - which is intended to make them fall asleep faster.

It connects to any Bluetooth capable device such as iPhone, iPad, Android any other Smart-phones devices. It also can connect TV which have Bluetooth = but It can't connect to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. It has a built-in 200mAh high-performance battery which can be charged by USB Cable. A charge of around 2 and a half hours will typically provide more than 10 hours playing time.

6) Multi Tool Pen - Spirit Level, Screwdriver, Ruler All in One

Multi Tool Pen

Check out this fantastic Multi Tool Pen which has been designed for the modern man in your life. It has an omnidirectional tip that is capable of moving on the screen just as smoothly in any direction you wish - particularly useful for tablet screens and smartphones as it allows for accurate movements, drawings and precision touches. Not only does the feature a stylus tip at one end of the pen, but it also has a refillable ballpoint ink pen at the other end.

The Stylus is great for making quick and small measurements as it features a 10cm and a 4 inch ruler printed on its body. Ideal for use in the home or the office due to its fantastic built-in spirit level. When you remove the stylus end of the stylus, a screwdriver tip is revealed. Pull this tip out and you'll see that it is double ended with one end being a plus and the other being a slotted head. Overall a lovely present for that special guy you know.

7) Casio G-100 G-Shock Men Watch

Casio G-100 G-Shock Men Watch

Take a look at the Casio G-100 G-Shock Men Watch which as standard includes an alarm, stop watch and back light. It has a lovely protective and scratch-resistant hard mineral crystal lens and has been designed as a high-performance product with a durable resin case with analogue/digital display. In addition it's also water resistant to 200 metres and the battery has a lifespan of around 3 years.

Did you know as a company Casio is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its products include calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analogue and digital watches. It was founded in 1946 and in 1957 introduced the world's first entirely electric compact calculator. It was an early digital camera innovator, and during the 1980s and 1990s, the company developed numerous affordable home electronics.

8) Beanie Hat with 4 LED Torch Light Head Lamp - Great for Outdoors, Fishing, Camping, Etc

Beanie Hat with 4 LED Torch Light

This beanie hat features a 4 LED head torch which has ultra-bright 60 lumens of light with 3 levels of light intensity to choose from with a simple touch of the power button. It is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL item and has been produced from 100% Acrylic.

As a multi-purpose item this can be great for dog walking, camping, hiking, fishing, repairs, working at home, in the garden and so on. Another cool feature is the fact the head torch can be easily removed for washing too! This product is available now in a few different colours, so you should easily be able to find something which suits that gentleman in your life. Please click on the link below to visit the product page.

9) Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug

Do you know someone that is lazy? Well this fantastic cup that does all the hard work for you, simply press button to stir the drink automatically! Meaning they don't need to take their eyes away from the football, movie or game they're playing. There's a paddle at base of mug interior which creates the swirling vortex.

This mug is insulated and includes non-spill lid so it can be great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even soup! Please keep in mind it is not dishwasher / microwave safe and will require 2 x AAA batteries to operate. As you can see this could be a fantastic present for the office or even for the home!

10) Levitation Globe with LED - Rotating Magnetic Mysteriously Suspended in Air World Map

Levitation Globe with LED

This awesome Levitation Globe could look amazing on his desk at work! The globe is suspended in mid-air by magnetic technology and rotates 180 degree while hanging in the air. The globe is 3.3-inch in diameter and the stand is 7 inches tall. The globe itself has been crafted from plastic and the base and matching meridian are produced from metal.

The levitation works through simply plugging this item into the wall - and the rest as they say is magic! It could be a superb present for a husband, brother, son, uncle, father, work colleague or even your boss!