What Types of Mattresses Do Hotels Use 2020

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What Types of Mattresses Do Hotels Use

Hello my name is Jake Warren and I've created this helpful British guide so you can understand the different mattresses hotels use! You may wondering what type of mattresses do hotels use? Have you recently enjoyed a relaxing night’s sleep as a hotel guest and would like that same comfort night after night in your own home?

If you’ve just stayed at a large hotel chain, such as a Premier Inn, Travelodge, Hilton, Ritz Carlton and so on in August 2020 – Their hotel mattresses tend be specifically made by a bedding manufacturer. Small guesthouses and bed and breakfasts will usually purchase their beds from a local bed shop. As you may expect the high-end chains provide the highest standards of bed and mattresses for their customers. After all, it’s in their best interests to provide a great sleeping experience! Let’s take a look at some of the major brands one by one.

Travelodge Hotel Mattress

Travelodge are partnered with Sleepeezee, who are based in Kent. Sleepeezee have been making high-quality products since the early 1900’s. They have a great reputation for being the largest pocket sprung bed producer in the UK and are certainly one of the UK’s market leaders.

As of 2020, each Travelodge room will include a luxury king size bed which can be ideal for a great night sleep. The Travelodge Dreamer bed boasts over 950 individual pocket spring mattress. These designed beds follow the natural contour of an individual’s body in order to give the right amount of support and comfort to ensure you receive a good quality night’s sleep.

Premier Inn

When you stay at a Premier Inn you’re sure to notice the superb deep divan with a comfy mattress, all hand-crafted by the award-winning bed-makers, Hypnos. The mattress is made with more than 1,000 pocket springs, wrapped in hypoallergenic fabric and then tufted and finished with a wool-filled soft pillow top. As you can imagine Hypnos products feature rigorous testing to ensure high-quality standards are maintained at all times.

In case you didn’t know, Hypnos is a family-run company. Peter Keen, their Chairman, is the 4th generation to run the business. His son, James, and daughter, Sarah, are the 5th generation of Keens to help run the business on a day-to-day basis.

The Keen family have held Royal Warrants since 1929 – the 1st ‘Keen’ Royal Warrant was for George V. Hypnos is proud to be the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal residences including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St.James Palace, Balmoral Castle and Kensington Palace.

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Hilton Hotel Mattress

Hilton use their own brand of mattress which is available to purchase from their official website. You can now easily slip into a luxurious Hilton bed, which is custom designed for Hilton hotels, and have your best sleep every night in the comfort of your own home.

The Hilton Mattress & Box Spring is designed with extra coil support and features a unique internal design that prevents edge breakdown. The innovative, patented quilt design and plush top mattress improves circulation and reduces night time restlessness.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels

The Ritz-Carlton Bed embodies the company’s deluxe approach to living and exact attention to details. Their custom-designed hotel mattress features a plush-top construction for a soft, inviting top-surface; reinforced foam-encased edges for relaxed sitting and maximum room to spread out from corner to corner.

It also has an advanced cooling design for perfect temperature control. Its stylish box spring is worthy of being exposed, elegantly trimmed in a luxury fabric print, the classic French lily shape and symbol of elegance. All that is left to enjoy is your best dreams while staying at their facility.

UK Hotel Mattress


The Marriott Mattress is available to buy today from the official Marriott website! It has been designed to ensure unique and unforgettable sleeping comfort and it has a spring mattress which is suitable for all body types and sleeping styles.

In addition this product has been designed to be a top-of-the-range mattress, which clearly demonstrates Marriott's expertise in well-being. You can now buy this for use in your own home and it can be used in combination with the Marriott base, so the comfort of the mattress will be improved further and allows you to bring the unrivaled Marriott bed experience to your own bedroom.

Holiday Inn

Hypnos Beds are the 'preferred supplier of mattresses, divans and sofa beds' for Holiday Inn’s exciting “Next Generation” hotels. The "Next Generation" concept aims to meet the needs of today's "Smart Travellers". The new designs include Smart TVs, the flexibility to change the furniture to suit work or rest, and most importantly large, cosy beds with noise-reducing headboards to ensure the very best night's sleep.

As a company Hypnos work in close partnership with Holiday Inn to create a new mattress specification which promises to provide a deeply relaxing night’s sleep.

B&B and Guesthouses

Traditional bed and breakfasts will purchase ‘contract mattresses‘ or ‘contract beds’ – this basically means purchasing in bulk from a bed retailer on trade terms. Most B&B’s will feature standard items you’ll find in your home, such as memory foam, reflex foam, pocket sprung and so on.

More ‘upmarket’ establishments may choose to use higher-quality products. These normally tend to be from brand names such as Silentnight, Hypnos, Sleepeezee, Vi Spring, Harrison Spinks, Sealy and so on.

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