Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 Divan Bed Review – Is it the right item for you?

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Searching for a Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 Divan Bed Review? This item is part of Sleepeezee’s brand exclusive range, you will only be able to purchase this divan set from Sleepeezee “brand ambassadors”. This is a handful of retailers who have been selected and met all the highest possible requirements.

Of course the name says it all, the Westminster 3000 Mattress has 3000 pocketed springs and is produced from 30% recycled high-quality steel in a 5’0″ mattress. Each pocket spring is precisely engineered then wrapped individually in its own fabric pocket. Looking for a Westminster Mattress and Divan Review? If so, you’ve came to the right place.

We feature a wide range of items from the bedding industry on a regular basis. Our expert team have worked within the industry for decades now, and try to show consumers the pros and cons of each product. Divans are still the most popular style of base in the UK. They are essentially an upholstered box, fitted with castors for mobility or on legs to create space beneath.

These days there are many beautifully tailored and upholstered bases with matching headboards offered in a range of colours and fabrics. Let’s take a look at this divan set in more detail….

Product Information

This item features a remarkable 3000 individual pocket spring mattress. Each pocket spring is precisely engineered, then wrapped individually, in its own soft cloth sleeve. This holds it at the optimum tension and allows each spring to move independently from the other springs.

The pocket springs are held under the correct tension for responsive support. Since each spring operates independently, you can sleep in your own zone without affecting your partner, plus the mattress molds more effectively to your individual body shape.

This product has been designed in this way allows the structure to retain the best possible tension and allows each spring to move independently from the other springs. Since each spring operates independently, you can sleep in your own zone without affecting your partner. Also included in the mattress is natural fillings of English wool, silk and cotton within both sides of the mattress.

  • Wool – Wool is a well-liked natural filling which provides insulation and comfort. It’s somewhat elastic and can be wrinkle defiant. Wool is ‘usually’ warm, a part from mattress fillings, it can also be used in duvets and pillows. The quality of wool is determined by its fibre diameter, crimp, yield, colour, and staple strength. Before wool can be used for commercial purposes it must be scoured, this is a process of cleaning the greasy wool.

  • Silk – Silk is a lightweight and naturally strong material; it has an attractive ‘sheen’ finish. Usually when a product contains silk it’s regarded as a high quality item. Silk is produced by the silk moth larvae (or silk worm) therefore it’s classified as a ‘natural protein fibre.

To finish the Westminster mattress off, Sleepeezee has covered this item in a lovely and durable woven damask fabric. Generally, the damask cover is made from a high quality woven fabric; the pattern is beautifully weaved for an excellent finish. Typically, a damask cover is cool and smooth to touch, it can be suitable for people who feel warm in bed. Some people say it can last ‘longer’ than general covers, however this depends on wear, care and cleaning.

A damask cover can be suitable for people who feel warm in bed, some people say it can last ‘longer’ than general covers, however this depends on wear, care and cleaning. Generally speaking only “luxury” or “high end” products will feature a damask cover. The Westminster 3000 has been finished with an anti-bacterial cover treatment to guard against bacterial growth and allergens. That means it makes it the ideal choice, for those with allergies or anyone looking for a cleaner, more hygienic sleeping environment.

To top all of this off, Sleepeezee have included chrome finished air vents which allow good air circulation, regulate temperature and keep the mattress fresh. For that extra touch of class this mattress is a Double sided turn-able mattress, which means it has fillings on both sides. You should turn this mattress every three months or so. To aid in this process, Sleepeezee have included side stitched handles on the side of the mattress to assist in turning. Please note: some Super-king sizes have handles on all borders.

Divan Base Features

The Sleepeezee Westminster Divan Bed features a 14″ platform top divan base, with twin wheeled castors. Typically, a platform top divan will not have any springs to aid the supportive structure beneath the mattress. Platform tops are constructed with a wooden frame and have a firm, non-sprung top panel. Typically, they’re often produced from hardboard which is commonly upholstered with a layer of padding on top.

This item is available in a variety of storage and base colour options; it can be easily customised to suit your own individual requirements. You can choose from a range of different drawer configurations depending on which size you purchase. For example, in a standard UK king size (5ft) you can pick drawers on each side, at the foot end or even continental style drawers! Continental drawers are great if you’re placing the divan base next to a bedside cabinet or table.

Pro Tip It can be a false economy to change only the mattress and keep the original base, especially if you are buying a divan set. The old base could reduce the ‘useful life’ of the new mattress as well as the support and comfort it can offer. It could also invalidate manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees.

Speaking of guarantees, the Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 has a 7-year guarantee when purchasing the divan set as one complete purchase.

Feature Recap

  • An incredible pocket-sprung system
  • Springs are manufactured using 30% high quality recycled steel
  • Luxurious natural silk, English wool and cotton fillings
  • Double sided Turning handles for easy moving
  • Premium quality Belgian damask cover
  • Chrome finished air vents for freshness and breath-ability
  • Hand tufted for enhanced longevity and support
  • Anti-bacterial cover treatment to guard against allergens Made in the UK