Social Media Content Ideas

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If you’re wanting to use social media as part of your wider marketing campaigns, then you’ll need to think about the content you want to use and market your company, product or service. Content is extremely important on social media as it can increase engagement, generate brand awareness and even potentially increase your sales.

Remember millions of people throughout the world are using social networks on a daily basis, so it’s a good idea to have a calendar to keep track of what your posting and where. Usually its also a good idea to plan ahead and give yourself at least a months’ notice before starting your posting campaign. After all some content can take a little bit of time to create, such as graphics, banners, videos and so on.

Here’s some great social media content ideas you can use for your business:

Short Video Tip – Who doesn’t love to watch a video? Did you know, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. Equally, its stated that by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. As you can see videos can be hugely popular, so why don’t you think about posting a short video demonstrating your latest product or even helpful tips.

Sneak Peek – If you’re launching a new product or service, you can easily create buzz and hype by posting ‘sneak peak’ content – this will generally be images or the use of video. However, it can really drive engagement and interest from your audience. If you have a launch date set, start your initial buzz around a month before, posting more content as the lunch date approaches.

Fill in the Blank – This marketing tactic can be fantastic on social media to drive engagement. Create a Fill-in-the-Blank that’s related to your business or product — and watch as your fans support and recommend your product to a wider audience. For example, the first word that pops into my head when I think of [YOUR BRAND] is __________.

Fun Fact – If your business or product has just celebrated a recent milestone event, you can easily use this to your advantage. Post a fun fact about your business which your audience will find interesting.

Behind the Scenes – If you manufacture your own products then a behind the scenes video or photo collection could be ideal. This gives your target audience a glimpse behind what goes on behind closed doors. People seem to love how products are made and you can show them part of the process, it also gives you a great array of free content which you can ultise to full effect.

Solve a Problem – Many businesses use social media networks as part of their customer service activities, it gives you a great platform to solve any problems or issues your customers may be facing. Equally by solving problems in a quick and timely manner you’re also highlighting to other potential customers that you can be relied upon should they need help in the future.

Inspirational Quote – Posting an inspirational quote can be a clever tactic for most industries, after all quotes tend to bring out our emotive sides, emotion is very powerful when it comes to marketing – so the right choice of quote could be use to great effect.

Industry Article – Sometimes wider industry news can help to promote your company, for example let’s say you have an eco-friendly business or product, if a news article highlights the damage global warming is doing to the world, you can use this to your advantage and highlight the benefits your eco-friendly company has.

National Holiday – Celebrating a national holiday is an easy marketing piece for most businesses, after all everyone loves national holidays and people tend to be in a good mood. You can even align your products and services to create special discount deals of offers to increase your sales.

Thank your Audience – There’s nothing wrong in saying thank you to your audience on social networks, in fact it will make you look more human and people will respect you for it. We can easily forget at the other side of the computer is another human, so showing your friendly side can actually win you a lot of business in the long run.

Share a fan photo – Many people love to post photos of themselves using a company’s products, this can be anything from fashion, cars, beauty and more. If this applies to you, encourage fans to send photos in – seeing other people using your items can generate huge trust in your company. Remember if you re-post a fan photo always ask permission to use it beforehand.

Promote discount or coupon codes – Of course it goes without saying that discount and coupon codes can be a fantastic way to say thank you to your followers. You could easily promote a code which is unique to a certain social network you use. Many companies and businesses do this for a good reason as your loyal audience can easily increase your sales.

Social Media Marketing

This or that questions – This or that questions can be amazing for user engagement, have you ever seen brands posting questions such as “Coke Cola or Pepsi?” or “Morning or Afternoon?” – Experiment with this and see how your audience reacts.

Cross promote your other social networking profiles – Many companies are on multiple social media networks, there’s nothing wrong in simply asking your audience to follow you on different websites.

Share a hobby – You don’t always need to use your social media profiles to promote your products or services, remember these websites are meant to be social, hence the name – so why don’t you think about sharing a part of your life, your audience may not know about you. For example, you could love mountain climbing or walking – this type of content can easily drive engagement and interactions with your followers.

Share an up-and-coming event – Do you have a tradeshow coming up? or an event in your store? Remember your customers and audience need to know what time and dates events are taking place! With their busy lives, this type of information can easily be forgotten about, so use social media to help promote up-and-coming events you may have. Sometimes it can be a good idea to also live stream these events to customers who can’t make it, remember live streaming has really taken off in the past few years and many social media networks have a live stream feature – so why not try it at your next event!

Post product pictures – Of course, posting your latest products or popular items can be a great source of content, why not post multiple angles of an item so your users can simply flick through the photos. After all, social media has been designed for photo sharing, so use this to your advantage.

Share product demonstration videos – If you have a technical product, then demonstration videos can be amazing for marketing. You can show your expertise in your field and why your products are better than your competition. Equally, product videos have been shown to drive engagement and sales, as more and more people are searching for video content on a daily basis.

Introduce a new member of your business – People come and go in businesses, however new people arriving can be a great way to create new content. Introducing a staff member makes your business more human, people can then relate to you, your products and team more easily. Members of staff can be great marketing tools, so think about how you can use this to your advantage.

Trending news event – There’s always something happening in the news, after all the world is a big place. Many businesses can use this to their advantage and align their products and services to current world or local news events. Remember many products are purchased because of emotions and the news certainly evokes emotion in a lot of people. From global warming to crime and everything in between, there’s lots of opportunities for you to capitalise on wider events. For example, let’s say you own a security company and crime rates in your area have increased by 30%, this means many people are going to be anxious that they may be targeted next. As a security company this gives you a brilliant opportunity to increase your sales and position yourself as a market leader within your local area.

As you can see, there’s lots of different ideas for social media content, remember to take your time to pre-plan and produce the best quality content you can. The main goals are to increase user engagement, drive traffic to a website and potentially increase your sales.

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