Social Media Marketing Books – Top List

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Are you looking to buy Social Media Marketing Books? Ideal if you’re looking to expand your skills and knowledge on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more!

As we’ve compiled a fantastic list of books currently available to purchase, you should hopefully find something you’re looking for. Great for secret santa presents, birthday gifts, christmas and so on.

Why Get a Social Media Marketing Book?

If you’re struggling with your Social Media Marketing or would simply like to learn more, then this page could be great for you. Social Media platforms has transformed the world, from communicating with friends and family, to businesses and brands attempting to sell their products and services.

For both small businesses and large companies, arguably one of the main purposes of using social media in marketing is to get their target audience interested in their products. Which in turn, ultimately makes them more visible to their audience, by creating buzz and attempting to influence every stage of the consumer decision journey.

Please keep in mind, all information on this page was correct at the time of publication. Equally the following list is in “no particular order”.

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Struggling with social media marketing for business? No likes, comments and clicks, no matter what you try? Feeling overwhelmed or just don’t even know where to begin? This book will help.

The key to success on social media is to build a strong and consistent social media marketing plan: with ideas that drive brand awareness, attract loyal customers, and help you reach your business goals – like increasing website traffic, delivering top customer service, or making sales. And that’s what you’ll learn in 500 Social Media Marketing Tips.

You will learn why Every Business Needs A Social Media Marketing Strategy, the Key Foundations For Every Successful Social Media Marketing Plan and the Most Effective Content to Share on Social Media (And How to Make It)

In The Rule-Breaker’s Guide to Social Media Damian Keyes shows you how to get ahead in the ‘creative age’ of the internet by ripping up the rule-book and starting all over again. Crammed full of expert anecdotes, tips and advice – plus a highly effective 30 Day Challenge – this book will revolutionise the way you view online marketing.

It’s time to unplug from the old ways of doing things and embrace your unique strengths, skills and passion. It’s time to become a rule-breaker!

To successfully market on social media, you need to be prepared for the future. Social media changes rapidly and frequently. This book will teach you: The most important social media trends to expect for the next years and beyond. How to apply perennial marketing principles to new mediums and technologies. How to understand and reach new customer profiles and the new generation of social media: Gen Z. New government regulation and privacy trends that will affect your marketing efforts.

This also book discusses: The future of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more, and how to harness their power to build your brand and gain customers. New social networks that are on the rise and may become major contenders. Technological trends that are redefining the rhythm of social media. How to utilize new technology and tools to strengthen your brand and achieve a competitive edge.

As Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja, Tim Cameron-Kitchen has personally worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes, and seen first hand how doing the right things on social media can transform a business. Yvonne Ivanescu came to Exposure Ninja from one of the world’s highest profile marketing agencies, and brought her brand experience to help business on the front line.

This book is the distillation of everything that makes a profitable campaign, laid out in step-by-step instructions for you to follow and apply to your own business – whatever your size or market.

Do you sometimes wonder how to get the most out of the popular social network to be successful with your brand? 

This guide tells you the most important thing you need to know about the well-known social network in order to develop a strategy that catapults your brand awareness. It shows you how to best use the resources and tools of Facebook to achieve the success you’ve always wanted for your brand.

You will learn in this book the possibilities of Facebook, why Facebook is a powerful brand tool, how customer acquisition takes place via Facebook, how to get on Facebook perfectly, the 7 steps to a successful Facebook strategy and how to tell good stories with Facebook.

Instagram For Business For Dummies shows you how to use the app to connect with your audience in a meaningful way as you showcase your products and offer a unique insider’s view of your brand.

Perfect for Instagram newbies or those who want to spruce up an existing account, this book helps you set up a powerful business profile, compose successful posts, and tell your story to the world.

Instagram Secrets is NOT a book about getting likes and comments or which hashtags to use. Instead, the information found inside of the 21 chapters lays out a step-by-step formula for the two things online entrepreneurs care about most…. Building a large following FAST and converting those followers into DOLLARS.

Instagram Secrets completely demolishes the old way entrepreneurs were taught to use social media to grow their businesses. Now, anybody (even if you have ZERO Instagram followers) can generate an ENDLESS FLOOD of warm, cheap and targeted leads on demand. The warmer the lead, the easier the sale. The cheaper the lead, the higher the profit.

You can be an internet marketer, brand building professional, small business owner or a rank newbie looking to build a profitable business on Facebook. The book gives you an in-depth overview and insights about everything from the best time to post for receiving maximum traction from your audience to determining the colors you can use in your visuals make you brand more desirable.

Facebook Inspiration is intended for businesses that don’t have a marketing department. It’s for small business owners who know that they ought to be doing ‘something’ on Facebook to market their business, but they’re not entirely sure what that something looks like.

Vanessa Hunt shares her marketing experience and examples to help you increase brand awareness for your small business. If you block out just thirty minutes a day to work through this beautiful book, Vanessa will teach you how to write captivating posts that show how your business is unique, exercise your creativity to produce visible marketing results and market your business on Facebook with confidence.

Take control of your Facebook profile When you join Facebook, you’re joining a community with over two billion people spread around the globe. It helps to have the insight on not only how to set up your profile and add content, but also how to make sure you control who sees–and doesn’t see–your posts.

Facebook For Dummies provides the trusted guidance you need to set up a profile, add content, and apply the many tools Facebook provides to give you control of your content.

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