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Are you wanting to buy a Caravan Toaster in January 2020 but unsure about which one to get? If so, this page has been designed to help you in making an informed purchasing decision.

You may be wanting to purchase a Caravan Toaster for your next trip away, after all there’s nothing better than exploring the UK countryside and having a nice cup of coffee or tea with toast in the morning! They can be suitable for a camper van, motorhome, static, chalet and more! Please keep in mind that the following list of products are an ‘opinion’ and are listed in ‘no particular order’.

Where to Buy a Caravan Toaster in the UK?

Of course there’s many places across the country to purchase a toaster for your caravan, this could be an independent outlet or a national retailer. To help you find something which will suit the camping and caravanning community – we’ve brought together some of the best products on the market today. Items from big name brands with excellent features…. we’ve even included some of the best energy efficient toasters available to buy too. After all when you’re away from home, using the least energy as possible is always an advantage.

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Russell Hobbs Futura 2-Slice Toaster 18780

Available today and to suit most budgets is the Russell Hobbs 18780 Futura 2 Slice Toaster, which makes two slices of toast and the variable browning control. It has been designed to be ideal for selecting the stage of browning you prefer your toast to be, from light toast to dark brown toast to suit your needs.

There is also a mid-cycle cancel function, should you wish to cancel the toasting process at any time. You can toast bread straight from the freezer using the frozen function, ensuring required browning every time. Equally additional features include a reheat function and a handy removable crumb tray you simply pull out and empty for easy cleaning.

Aigostar Warrior 30KHK Toaster

Check out this awesome Aigostar Warrior 30KHK toaster today. It features two side slots which could be ideal when you’re camping! Each slot has a wide measurement of 3.4cm to be suitable for most types of toast. However that’s not all, it even has an adjustable knob with 7 grades to control baking degree from soft to crispy to offer a range of flavors.

Another great attribute is the Defrost function to thaw out frozen bread in one step, you can also use the Reheat function to warm up cold bread and the Cancellation function to stop heating anytime. For ease of use there’s a cord storage at the bottom to keep counter tidy and a removable crumb tray to make cleanup easily. Equally there’s also an Auto shut off when bread is ready!

Morphy Richards Accents Special Edition 4 Slice Toaster

Make your kitchen stand out with this superb retro inspired item. The 4 slice Accents toaster can be ideal for the whole family in a home or even for a motorhome, chalet, camper van and so on. It has been designed to be easy to operate by having frozen, cancel and reheat settings. The auto high lift function which allows you to easily remove your toast when ready.

In addition the variable browning control allows you to choose your desired browning level and it also allows you to reheat or defrost your toast. For a complete look, you could pair this with the matching pyramid kettle (sold separately).

SunnCamp Low Watt Toaster - White

This SunnCamp Low Watt Toaster could be an ideal product for caravanners or campers with electric hook up. This item has been designed as an Low power appliance for safe use on campsites and has an Auto pop up and auto shut off function.

Equally you should also like the slide out crumb tray too which makes the device easy to clean. This item could be great if you’re short on space, as it measures approximately 24.6cm x 14.6cm x 17.2cm. For further information and stock availability please click on the link below.

DeLonghi CTO4BK Argento Four Slice Toaster

As you can see from the image, this item has been expertly designed with a cool-looking style. This Delonghi argento toaster could be great for a wide range of people across the country. The 4-slice toaster has handy reheat, defrost and cancel functions, as well as two pull-out crumb trays for easy cleaning.

This powerful 1600 W unit has innovative adjustable browning settings so you can have your toast exactly how you want it every time. The two sets of Variable-width bread slots work independently of each other with separate control panels for maximum versatility.

Wahl ZX515 2 Slice Toaster Cool Touch

Wahl ZX515 2 Slice Toaster Cool Touch features include a handy defrost and reheat settings plus a cancel option to stop toasting part way through. It has also been designed with a seven position variable browning control, which easily adjusts the toasting time to your liking.

You may also like the versatile wide toasting slots which allow for a variety of bread types and sizes. There’s also a removable crumb tray to reduce mess and makes it easy to keep clean. Equally it also features an automatic pop up and LED light indicators highlighting which settings have been selected.

Morphy Richards Dimensions 2 Slice Toaster 220021

As you would expect this Morphy Richards Dimensions 2 Slice Toaster 220021 is packed full with great functions. Including the defrost setting so there’s no need to defrost your bread first for ease and convenience.

You should also like the Re-heat setting so on those occasions where you forget, your toaster will quickly re-heat your toast for you. Equally another cool one is the Variable browning control which is perfect toast, just the way you like it. We also like the removable crumb tray which is easy to keep your toaster clean and the nice cord storage that can be tidied away to keep your worktops neat and clutter free.

Godmorn 2 Slice Toaster

The Godmorn 2 Slice Toaster has been designed with 7 adjustable browning control, which allows you to choose your setting depending on how you like your toast. It also comes with 3.4 cm wide stainless steel slots, this 2 slice toaster is ideal for toasting thicker items such as crumpets, tea cakes, buns and bagels and thick slices of bread.

As standard it also includes defrost, reheat, and “cancel” button. Fitted with non-slip base, cord storage, durable stainless steel housing and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Russell Hobbs 21651 Toaster

The Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Black Textures Toaster features stylish looks with a great price point to suit most budgets. So if you’re looking for great value without comprising on quality then this item could be for you.

You should notice the Wide Slots which can be ideal for toasting thicker items such as crumpets, tea cakes and thick slices of bread. This device has Frozen, cancel and reheat functions as standard with a removable crumb tray and variable browning function. The approximate size of this product is 275 mm x 290 mm x 198.5 mm.

Quest 2-Slice Toaster

Check out this nice little Quest 2-Slice Toaster may just be the item you’re searching for. It features both a reheat and refrost functions as standard, it also has browning control and a removable crumb tray.

With simplicity and a classic design, this item looks good as well as being developed for high performance. The 2 slice classic is a design that will be equally at home or in the camper in modern or retro kitchens. Its classic, eye-catching quality finish is guaranteed to suit your environment in your home away from home!

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