Top Christmas E-Commerce Tips

By | Last Updated: 29th May 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

Even though it’s Christmas and more customers will be searching for gifts don’t be complacent and expect your sales to grow dramatically without much effort. The Christmas period can certainly be very lucrative if you know how to market and sell to your target audience.

Drive Re-Visits – It can be a great idea to implement an advent calendar format on your homepage, each day you can have a ‘deal a day ’ which will be prominent enough to intrigue re-visits to see what the new ‘deal is.

Test Your Website – You should be doing this on a weekly basis anyway, however it’s always worth testing the loading speed of your website, on all platforms including mobile devices. If you’re server can’t handle average traffic in august you’re going to really struggle in December!

Stocking Up – Have previous years suggest a sales peak during the first weeks of December? Look at your data from last year and prepare (if you can) well in advance. Nothing can be worse then gaining orders and having no stock to sell, look at yearly and seasonal trends, attempt to gauge what you think will be a hit with your target audience and adapt the business accordingly. Remember the best businesses and sales professionals are already thinking ahead, sometimes they’re even one or two seasons ahead!

Create Targeted Landing Pages – It’s a very good idea to make ‘standalone’ landing pages to reflect seasonal consumer behaviour, and to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Why not create a Gift page for him and for her or a personalised gift wrapping service? Highlight the unique selling point (USP) of your business during the Christmas period!

Free Delivery – If you don’t offer free delivery then it’s certainly recommended to implement it in some way over the holiday season, highlight this service at the top of the page and state what your last shipping date is! You’ll always get a customer who orders on the 23rd expecting a delivery on the 24th!.

Customer Service – Christmas can be a stressful time for everybody involved, don’t make it worse than it has to be, offer an exceptional service during the holiday season and watch your customers come back time and time again. If a company or sales professional can deliver during a ‘peak period’ of the year then they will certainly be able to offer a fantastic service during the ‘off’ seasons.

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