TRUCK MATTRESS UK – 2019 Products for your Lorry, HGV or Sleeper Cab…

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Truck Mattress, Lorry Mattress, HGV Mattress or Sleeper Cab Mattress? Whatever you want to call them, this page is dedicated to helping you!

After a long day driving up and down Britain’s roads, there’s nothing better than a cozy nights sleep. There’s lots of different bed manufacturers across the UK, it doesn’t matter what brand of lorry you drive, Special Size Mattresses can be used in most Trucks! Typically its recommended to look at your truck manual to see the dimensions of your current mattress, this will obviously vary from brand to brand; meaning a Mercedes Truck will be different in size to Iveco and so on.

Once you have a general idea of your mattress dimensions, it’s a good idea to visit one of the companies listed on this page to get a quote. Some even allow you to order online through their website.

Where to Buy a Lorry Mattress?

Here’s an extensive list of companies and factories which produce custom Lorry mattresses in the United Kingdom. Please note none of these companies are ‘recommended’ by us, it’s simply a list to help with your search. You will need to do your own research on whether they’re appropriate for your situation and needs.

  • Duvalay – Originally own as Raskelf, Duvalay are a family-run business that was recently crowned ‘Bed Manufacturer of the Year 2017-18’. As featured on ‘Dragons Den’ in 2011 and part owned by Hilary Devey. They’re one of the market leaders and are based in Gomersal, West Yorkshire.
  • Custom Size Beds – Based in Strood, Kent. Their website features a wide range of products including made to measure mattresses and beds for trucks, tourers, motorhomes, boats, euro size and more!
  • Jonic Limited – Suitably located close to the M6, on the edge of the Lake District, where they have a showroom which welcomes visitors, so why not enjoy the beautiful lakes alongside a visit to Jonic! The team at Jonic are very proud to manufacture in the UK, ensuring outstanding quality alongside the best customer service.
  • Made 2 Measure Mattress – Made to measure mattresses is a family run bed business of over 20 years experience, earning a reputation for supplying quality products at low prices, with first class service. Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire
  • GB Foam Direct – GB Foam was originally founded in 1976 as an independent polyurethane foam converter. Over the last 40 years the business has expanded and diversified within an ever-changing foam industry, now providing a comprehensive range of specialist foam products to a wide variety of market sectors including bed frames and mattresses.
  • The Foam Shop – Supply Foam Cut to Size, Foam Sheets, Memory foam nationally to 1000’s of pleased customers using their web site and online facilities. Based in Taunton, Somerset.
  • J and A Foam – Located in Blackburn, Lancashire. J and A Foam have been supplying high-quality foam to the upholstery and bed markets for over 40 years.

Need a Bulk Discount – Are you purchasing for a Large Haulage Company?

Do you work for haulage firm and are looking to replace the mattresses for a fleet of vehicles or HGV’s? If so most British manufacturers will be able to offer you some form of discount for bulk purchases.

Typically each mattress manufacturer will have a minimum order amount you need to purchase before discounts are applied, however that can obviously vary depending on which company you choose. If you’re ordering for a fleet of lorries then you should in theory get a decent discount as they’ll more than likely be a similar dimension.

It’s important to keep in mind that going to the lorry brand/manufacturer directly can sometimes be more expensive than an independent retailer / custom size maker. Equally, with an independent mattress specialist you have a wider range of styles and foams available; whereby most lorry manufacturers simply have a standard item without much variation.

Always remember to get a Good Nights Sleep!

Did you have Seep Apnoea? Long distance lorry and bus drivers affected by sleep apnoea are of great concern as most will be driving on monotonous roads/motorways and the size or nature of the vehicle gives little room for error. According to the DVLA Estimates suggest at least four in every 100 men have sleep apnoea. Sleep problems arise more commonly in older people. (Source – DVLA )

The DVLA also claim that “Up to one fifth of accidents on motorways and other monotonous types of roads may be caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.” It obviously goes without saying that if you’re driving long distances, tired or exhausted, it’s always recommended to stop and take a break, because on the UK’s crowded roads there is little room for error.