Twitter 30 Day Marketing Challenge

By | Last Updated: 29th May 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

Sometimes coming up with new ideas on a daily basis can be difficult at the best of times, after all for most companies they’re concentrating on other parts of their business. Yet developing strategies to engage and interact with your social media audience is extremely important for your long-term success on these platforms.

After all, a lot of companies marketing campaigns surround the use of social media, so why not get ahead of your competition with a well-thought content strategy, which can potentially increase sales, engagements and drive traffic to your website.

Take a look at the superb Twitter 30 Day Challenge I’ve created, each day you should post content as described in this section. Remember your audience doesn’t only want to hear about your products and services, for many industries they want to be entertained, which keeps them interested and coming back to your profile on a regular basis.

Remember Twitter has 330 million active monthly users, that’s a lot of people who could potentially see your content. Equally, 30% of Americans who earn $75,000 or more use Twitter on a regular basis, which means there’s a great opportunity for you to increase your sales, create leads or generate brand awareness.

For the Twitter 30-day challenge, it’s recommended to pre-plan a month or two in advance. After all some of your content made needing editing such as photos or videos. So give yourself enough time before committing, there’s nothing worse than starting the 30 day challenge and having to quit half way through.

OK, Let’s begin…

  1. Share a fun fact about your business
  2. Post a picture of your workspace
  3. Share an inspiring quote
  4. Introduce your newest employee or latest product
  5. Ask a question to increase engagement with your audience
  6. Show your expertise with helpful advice or a tip
  7. Highlight a recent client testimonial or review
  8. Post a video demonstration of a product or service you offer
  9. Give a shout out to another local business
  10. Share an attention-grabbing statistic about your industry or business
  11. Post details of a latest event
  12. Alert your customers to your other social media profiles and ask them to follow you
  13. Share your favourite movie, book or musician
  14. Highlight a customer of the month
  15. Share an article
  16. Promote one of your products
  17. Thank your audience for their continued support
  18. Offer a special coupon or discount code to your followers
  19. Post a recent milestone about your company
  20. Share an image
  21. Create a video featuring people from your business
  22. Post a favourite personal quote
  23. Link to a product or service on your website
  24. Promote a fan contest
  25. Post pictures from a recent business trip
  26. Answer a customer’s question
  27. Weekly roundup of interesting articles
  28. ICYMI Post
  29. Behind the Scenes Photos
  30. Product Pictures

Hopefully the Twitter 30-day challenge has given you plenty of ideas for your next marketing campaign on social media. Remember you can tweak the ideas to suit your own business needs, however remember to post varied content to keep your audience interested and coming back for more!

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