Twitter Words and Phrases Explained

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If you’re planning to use Twitter for your marketing campaign, to sell products, generate leads or for customer service purposes you’ll need to understand the lingo, so you know exactly what potential customers may be saying.

Just like in real life, Twitter and the wider internet has its own form of slang, which most people are aware of, however if this is all new to you, you’ll be able to understand the lingo in no time at all with this fantastic lecture.

OK, let’s begin with the basics….

@ – This is used when you want to mention somebody else on the platform. Let’s say you want to send a tweet which mentions Microsoft, you would simply enter @microsoft – followed by your tweet message.

# – The hashtag is extremely important on Twitter, it’s basically used as part of their search and tagging system. Let’s say you have written a tweet about holidays in New York, you may use the hashtag for #NewYork   #BigApple   #TimesSquare   #StatueofLiberty  and so on. These are key phrases which can link your content to people throughout the wider platform of Twitter – enabling your tweets and profile to be discovered.

AFAIK – This simply means As Far As I Know

CC – This means Carbon Copy

CX – This means Correction

DM – This means direct message

ICYMI – This means In Case You Missed It

MT – This means Modified Tweet

NSFW – This means Not Safe for Work

OH – This means Overhead

RT – This means retweet

TFTF – This means Thanks for the Follow

TIL – This means Today I Learned….

TL;DR – This means too long, didn’t read

TMB – This means Tweet me Back

TQRT – This means Thanks for the Retweet

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