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Why Shop at AKG Microphones?

As a business, AKG acoustics was founded in 1947 in Austria by Dr Rudolf Gorike and Ernst Pless. Today their known for their high-quality microphones, headphones and digital surround sound systems. The brands first professional microphone was the AKG C12, this was originally introduced in 1953, it’s successors include the M251, C412 and C414. AKG mics have been used for many different purposes including for movies, audio recording, studio musicians and more!

Some of their current models include dynamic microphones, condenser microphones and cardioid mics. For example, the AKG D19c was often used as drum overheads for Ringo Starr on the Beatles recordings. Other products such as the C535 is a popular high-quality vocal mic, the company even made a gold-plated version for Frank Sinatra!

Please remember the any items described here, may not be part of a AKG sale, it’s highlighted for a ‘general guide and example’ on the high-quality products the company produces.

Popular Mics

For example, let’s take a closer look at the AKG P120 microphone in more detail. This product is a large diaphragm condenser mic which is part of the brand’s ‘studio series’. It’s designed for capturing vocal performances, string and loud instruments. Interestingly also included as standard is a switchable ‘bass cut filter’, a switchable attenuation pad and robust metal housing, meaning it can easily be used in a home studio or recording studio with ease. The AKG P120 mic has a diameter of 54mm, a length of 165mm and a weight of 455g. It has a XLR connection and needs a 48V phantom power.

Another high-quality product from the company is the AKG D7 dynamic vocal microphone, this item is a ‘premium-grade’ device, ideal for live vocals, studio recordings, concerts and gigs. It’s can also be a great product for both amateur and professional singers, home studio users and pro-recording outlets. The AKG D7 mic features the patented ‘dual-layer’ varimotion diaphragm, this means the item can vibrate unhindered, resulting in a crisp and powerful sound. It also features a ‘supercardiod polar pattern’ and provides high gain before feedback. Equally it has an integrated high-pass filter which eliminates handling noise and a metal dust filter protects the diaphragm in a wide range of circumstances and situations. The AKG D7 vocal mic has an XLR male connection, it’s dimension is 185mm in length by 51mm in diameter and is constructed from metal.

Equally another popular product is the AKG P820 microphone, this is a tube mic with a large diaphragm. The item has been designed to highlight lead vocals, brass instruments, electric guitars and drums, this means you can easily use it for your next gig or concert, at your home recording studio or in a professional recording environment. Ideal for both amateurs and professional musicians and producers! It features a dual one-inch diaphragm capsule, with an advanced ECC83 dual-triode circuitry. This means it delivers a classic tube sound, which can be great for most users. Its frequency bandwidth is 20 to 20000 Hz, it has an XLR male balanced output with a 3-pin contact. Its length is 212mm and diameter is 54mm, with an overall weight of around 765g.

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