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Are you looking for a Andertons Discount Code? - With a wide range of stock, helpful and friendly staff and products at excellent prices, there's never been a better time to order.

You may be looking for a new guitar, drum set, keyboard, pa system, microphone and so on – whatever it is, there's most likely a product in-store or online which suits your needs!

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If you're wanting an Andertons voucher code please check out the list below. We're constantly updating this section on a daily basis, all you need to do is copy the code and use it during the checkout stages on their website.

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Why Shop with a Andertons Music Coupon Code?

Andertons Music is a family-run musical instrument retailer that has over 50 years of experience, They have become known for a high-quality service and enjoy a great reputation in the industry. You can buy from their Guildford store or through their online website, where they offer a fantastic selection of guitars, amps, drums, pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, recording equipment, PA systems, music accessories and more!

Did you know that Andertons sell almost 400 brands, meaning they have a huge variety and choice for everyones budgets and requirements. On hand in their customer service department they have friendly experts covering guitars, drums, hi-tech, synths and keyboards to meet all your needs.

Electric Guitar Deals

If you're searching for an Electric Guitar Deal then Andertons Music could be the ideal retailer for you. They have over 2,000 different models ready to ship to homes across the United Kingdom! In fact their guitar section has some of the best brands and models in the world, including names such as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, PRS, Reverend and Chapman. Find an iconic electric guitar like the Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and the Gibson Les Paul – instruments that have been used by some of the most famous musicians in the world. If you're looking for something slightly different then you may be interested in Ibanez for the speedsters or Jackson for the metalheads. Equally there's also limited edition guitars from the Fender Custom Shop & Gibson Custom Shop! This means you can find something unique and if required can also literally choose your own specifications with brands like Music Man and Friedman guitars.

Of course Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster Guitars are some of the most popular models, you should also like the Les Paul too. However that's not all, there's also modern body guitars, hollow body, semi-hollow body, hard tail, bigsby, floyd rose, left handed guitars, 7,8 & 9 String Electric Guitars, Baritone, Multi-Scale and much more. Don't forget to check out the beginner guitar range and the best Electric Guitar Starter Packs too.

Cheap Acoustic Guitar Savings

There's literally millions of musicians throughout the world who simply have an acoustic guitar and their voice, after all acoustic music can span many different genres including folk, classical, jazz, rock, pop and so on. Acoustic based music has also been extremely popular for decades – think of artists like Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel to name but a few. The Andertons acoustic guitar section has literally every body shape that you can think of including Dreadnoughts, Jumbos, Mid-Sized (like OMs and 000s) and even parlour guitars. You may even want a Steel String, Electro-Acoustic or Nylon String for Flamenco & Classical music styles we’ve got something in their range for you. They don't only stock the big brands like Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson, there's also a good range of manufacturers such as Epiphone, Dowina, Faith, Yamaha and Sigma.

A popular choice over the past decade or so is an electro-acoustic guitar, this can be ideal as you can 'amplify' the sound with an amp if required. Other people also like 12 string acoustic guitars, travel acoustics, acoustic basses and even left-handed acoustic guitars. Of course you can also browse the Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners and accessories too!

Want to Buy a Keyboard or Piano?

It doesn't matter if you're searching for your first practice keyboard, a full 88-key piano, or anything in between – there's a huge range of products to choose from at excellent prices. You can easily find a model from leading names such as Roland, Korg, Stagg and Yamaha to suit both your budget and requirements. You may be setting up a home studio where you want to learn to play the keyboard, this can be ideal for many people, you'll find that keyboards and home pianos are light and portable. They also feature a good range of functions to get you playing in no time! Most of these items will come with built-in sounds, speakers and have learning tools – so you can practice and experiment in your own time.

Andertons Music Keyboard

If you're a seasoned professional and looking to expand your range, there's also a lot of choice for you. Check out the collection of stage pianos from Roland, Nord Yamaha and more. For example check out a product like the the Roland RD-2000, this item has been designed with two dedicated sound engines – meaning you have the best in acoustic and electric piano samples at your fingertips. It also features progressive hammer-action keys, which are the same ones used on Roland's top of the line LX series home pianos. You should also like the fact Roland have installed a superb ensemble of sounds and you should even love the audio and MIDI interface,, where you can use any samples you want. However that's not all, why not control your DAW from the RD-2000 or simply pick your favourite samples, all whilst playing! With 4 pedal inputs, pitch bender and modulation wheels, you can manipulate and craft your sound like never before. You can assign different sounds to each of the 8 assignable zones or layer your sound up with 8 individual layers.

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Chapman Guitar Discount

There's a fantastic range of Chapman Guitars available right now for quick delivery across the UK. The brand was established in 2009 by founder Rob Chapman – since this beginning it has grown over the years into a popular brand used by musicians across the world. The aim of the company is to create the highest quality instruments for the best value for every player.

You're able to purchase all the Chapman guitars from the web store, if you're thinking about buying, why not consider a model like the Chapman ML3 Pro Traditional, this item has been designed in a T-shaped that combines classic tones with modern design and playability. It has been manufactured to be perfectly suited to anything from blues to rock and modern metal – as you may expect the versatility of the instrument offers an iconic sound that many musicians love.

Another popular model is the Chapman V2 ML1, this item has a straight heritage headstock with a maple neck stain finish. It has a C shape neck type that is a recessed bolt-on neck with velute and it also has a flame maple veneer on flat top with gloss finish. The body has been produced from mahogany and it features an arm carve, front lower spoon cut, rear tummy cut, rear lower spoon cut, rear heel contour. You should notice that there's an ebony fretboard with rolled edges and 24 jumbo nickel frets. The fret markers are pearl side dots and pearl front dot inlays with a scale length of 648mm. The bridge is a Chapman string-through hardtail and the neck pickup is a sonorous zero humbucker. There's also a 3 way blade switch with coil split on push-pull tone knob.

Need a New PA System? For Live Music, Concert or DJ Party?

You may need a PA System for several different reasons, ideal for practice rooms, live gigs, concerts, schools, parties, DJs and more. Purchase today industry-leading systems from Bose, Electro Voice, LD and many more, ideal for a wide range of requirements and budgets. As well as selling complete PA systems for venues, you can also buy portable products too – such as wireless, bluetooth & battery-powered PA systems from Roland, Laney, Korg and JBL to name but a few. These ultra-practical PA systems have been designed with simple connectivity, lightweight moveability and of course the ability to create a great sound, no matter what the occasion is!

For example take a look at a product like the Yamaha Stagepas 600BT Portable PA System, this has been designed for producing excellent sound on the go. Featuring 2 powerful speakers and a 10-channel mixer, it can be ideal for medium-sized and large venues, delivering pro-quality sound at high volumes. You should love the fact this item has a 3-band EQ for each channel, which offers enough tweak-ability to intensify your sounds, and with 4 built-in reverb types, you can add stunning depth to vocals or instruments if required. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to stream music from a compatible device within a 10m range. Equally another good feature is the built-in feedback suppressor that you'd typically only see on high-end systems.