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Why Shop for DW Drums?

Officially called Drum Workshop (DW Drums for short) the company was founded in 1972 in Santa Monica, California by Don Lombardi. They’ve built their reputation on producing high-quality drum kits, cocktail drums, snare drums and hardware.

Did you know? Most DW drums can be custom ordered to suit the needs of the customer. As the company has a wide range of shell options, customers don’t always have to purchase ‘standard’ kit dimensions. As well as manufacturing drums, the company also produce hardware too. Some of their most famous products include DW pedals, cymbal stands, rack systems and more.

Let’s take a closer look at one of their products in more detail. Please note: the following drum-kit described here, may not be part of a DW sale, it’s highlighted for a ‘general guide and example’ on the high-quality products the brand produces.

Drum Kits for Sale

The DW Design 4-piece shell pack features a 22” x 18£ bass drum, a 10” x 8” tom, 12” x 9 tom and a 16” x 14” floor tom. This shell pack also features 8-ply shell from North American maple and has HVLT shell construction. Cymbals and hardware are typically sold separately.

Famous drummers who’ve played DW kits include Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tony Royster, Jr, Dave Grohl, Dominic Howard of Muse, Abe Laboriel Jr who plays for Paul McCartney, Neil Peart, Zak Starkey, the son of Ringo Starr and drummer for the Who, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Thomas Lang, Roger Taylor of Queen and many more!

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