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Why Shop for Native Instruments?

Founded in 1996 in Berlin, Germany, Native Instruments is one of the world’s leading music software companies. Their main line of items is targeted to music production, home musicians and DJs.

Some of their most ‘famous’ product lines include the Reaktor, a modular software music studio. Native Instruments Guitar Rig, a software processor, which is designed to emulate the real sound of guitar amps in a digital environment. There’s also computer synthesizers such as Massive, FM8 and Absynth. For DJs, there’s the popular Native Instruments Traktor, a vinyl emulation software.

To support their products, they also manufacture an array of hardware such as Machine, a standalone controller which can make beats, there’s also Kontrol, a controller which can be used with keyboards and DJ software.

Please keep in mind, any items described on this page, may not be part of a UK Native Instruments sale, it’s highlighted for a ‘general guide and example’ on the high-quality products the company produces.

Where to Buy Native Instruments Maschine?

Let’s take a closer look at Native Instruments Maschine, this is one of the world’s leading production and performance systems ideal for home studios, DJs, professional music producers and more! Maschine is basically an integrated hardware and software device, which is a sampler, arranger, FX, mixer and built-in audio interface all-in-one. It typically has an 8GB sound library included as standard. The device can be ideal if you’re wanting to create new beats, melodies, harmonies, drum grooves and more.

You can easily tweak, preview, slice, browse and edit your projects without even looking at your computer! The product even features cool stuff like a pitchwheel to bend the sounds and experiment with instruments. To help you in this quest, the Native Instruments design team have created this item with 16 ultra-responsive pads, you can easily tap the pads to create the hottest drum beat or simply ‘switch’ to keyboard mode and the play the device like a piano!

Please remember, as products change, and new lines get introduced, some items can be discontinued or reduced for the new stock and lines. This means you may find yourself a great bargain at a wonderful price! As previously stated this website gets updated on a regular basis, so bookmark or add this site to your favourites and come back to find Native Instrument sales and discount deals. A real plus point of the Maschine is the fact musicians can easily create new ideas without having any major disruptions to their ‘flow’. Artists can easily add new dimensions to their music by using the vast array of effects and features. Including, but not limited to sutter, echo, reverb, flanger, modulations and more!

However, that’s not all, if you want to ‘expand’ range of sounds, you can purchase add-on ‘maschine extension packs’ from renowned sound designers and artists. It’s also important to note that Maschine can work with pretty much any production setup, this includes powerful software such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and more!

Traktor Kontrol

Another popular product from the brand is the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol s4, this is a portable DJ controller which features 4 decks and lots of possibilities! This piece of hardware normally also ships with their flagship Trakor software. As one of the world’s leading DJ products, the Traktor Kontrol s4 is used by artists across the world, from the favourite nightspots in Europe to America and beyond. The device offers instant usability and ‘go-anywhere’ portability, ideal for people who want to connect their turntables, cd player, instruments or MIDI gear.

This industry leading mixer features four full-featured channels which are each fitted with three-band EQs, filter knobs and two FX sends. Equally, the EQs and Filters can ‘switch’ between Traktor, Xone and other industry-standard styles to fit your music genre and personal tastes. Typically, the Traktor Pro 2 software is also included with this item as standard (disclaimer, please check with the retailer before purchasing).

Traktor Pro 2 has been designed with ultimate flexibility and performance lead detailing in mind. For example, there’s an advanced music library management, automatic track analysis, a lovely browse feature with full iTunes integration. The software also has a Sync feature, which sync’s tracks instantly, you can track by BPM, beatgrids and key. These are automatically detected on import by the software to perfectly match with other songs, ideal if you’re wanting to create a hot playlist on the sly. Also built-in is a cool software mixer, this allows for a wide range of customisation for any professional DJ. Including EQs, filter types, FX units and more!

Speaking of effects, there’s around 30 ‘studio-grade’ effects, four individual FX units and one-knob macro FX. In addition, another fantastic element is the loop recorder. This allows you to record audio from a live source, master out or individual channels for multi-layered overdubs. You can then transfer the sounds into the ‘Remix Deck Slots’ for ultimate creativity.

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