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Why Shop for Premier Drums?

Premier is an English drum manufacturer that originally started in 1922 by Albert Della Porta and George Smith. Notable drummers who’ve used the brand include Keith Moon of The Who, Clem Burke of Blondie, Bobby Elliott of The Hollies, Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Phil Collins of Genesis, Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and many more! Arguably one of the most ‘famous’ models produced by the company is Keith Moon’s classic ‘Pictures of Lily’.

Remember any products mentioned on this page are documented as a ‘general guide’ and ‘example’ only. This is to highlight the type of items the company produces, and they may not be a part of any sales or promotions.

The Premier XPK modern rock drum set is a 5-piece kit, which features top-quality attributes. Ideal for drummers from all levels, this product delivers a great sound with a rich tone. You can easily use this kit for a wide range of circumstances, from a practice room, recording studio, live on stage and more! The shells themselves are made from 100% 6-ply birch, giving a great attack quality, they’re ISO mounted with an integral memory lock design.

Usually, this set includes a 22” bass drum, 10” tom, 12” tom, 16” floor tom and a 14” snare. In most cases, it will also include hardware such as a single bass drum pedal, straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, snare stand and a double tom holder which attaches to the bass drum. The cymbals themselves are usually not included as standard and will need to be purchased separately.

Another popular model is the Premier APK Series Stage kit, this item offers great value for money and produces a lovely high-quality sound. Ideal for most players, the APK kit can be great for live gigs, home use, practice room and in the recording studio! It’s a pre-configured shell pack and is made from 100% birch shells, which are 6-ply. In addition, there’s four metallic sparkle wrap finishes to choose from and it has 1.5mm triple-flange steel hoops. Normally this model will be sold as a shell pack only, that means no hardware or cymbals are included as standard. Typically, you’ll find the Premier series stage kit includes a 20” bass drum, 10” tom, 12” tom, 14” floor tom and a 14” snare.

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