What is an Advertorial?

By | Last Updated: 19th June 2019 | This post may contain Affiliate Links

An Advertorial has been used for decades, originally in newspapers and magazines however they’re now becoming more common on internet websites and blogs. Typically, an advertorial is a form of an advertisement, which looks like an independent article – however it’s not.

They involve information about a product or brand which reads in the same manner an article would, however instead of being a story, they’re paid for by the brand.

The main reason why companies and marketers use advertorials is simply to educate their target audience about the features of a product, it can be an effective way for a company to connect with its customers.

Obviously as its written in an article style, it can feature more details and elements than a simple advert could, this means consumers can understand the product in more detail. Equally, another reason why they’re used is the fact people generally give more credibility to editorial content than to paid advertisements.

Typically, advertorials are not actually written by journalists of the newspaper, magazine or website – instead they’re created by an advertising agency or the brand themselves.

Normally you’ll purchase ad space in the newspaper, magazine or website where you want the advertorial to feature.

You’ll typically be able to tell when an advertorial is not a real article, as most publishers add the word “advertisement” at the top or bottom of the content in small letters. Equally it’s not uncommon for some publishers to even give advertorials their own special sections.

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